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Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016




I'm a happy spirit. My life is nice, I can get and do anything I desire if I'd fight for it. Mean spirits don't bother me much. Although they are not good, they are not my enemy. Well... not my biggest enemy at least.

Every once in while, I get visited by clouds. I can't determine when, but after they left, I'm sure they will return one day. They feed themselves with my emotions, my sense of reality, happiness... with my consciousness, basically. They will only leave when they are satisfied. This is unpredictable. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes days, weeks or even months. Any spirit can become a host, although some spirits, like me, tend to be targeted more often, without a clear cause.

Clouds can't just be fought with more happiness, with the surrounding of loving spirits or with a strong mind. When I get visited by a cloud, it's like any input is blocked by a wall. Any love, happiness, any form of reality... it can't get through the fog. How to fight it, is a mystery.

The cloud will whisper things to me. Things that make no sense. I know that, but as the input is blocked and my spirit is drained, it's the only form of 'reality' that exists within the walls, within the bubble, and thus it penetrates me, as the emptiness must be filled. These whispers, they weaken me. They make me hurt so badly, but I can't fight back.

As my sense of reality is altered, and my happiness is drained, I can only pray that the cloud will leave soon. Get help from other spirits? They can't help you, the wall is in the way. And even if they'd know a way to defeat your cloud, they wouldn't see it in the first place. Only the host sees it, and if this spirit tries to tell other spirits, they won't understand. They don't see it, so.. it's not there, right?

Sometimes, spirits fade. And when they are gone, no other spirit knows why, as there was enough happiness around. It wasn't supposed to fade. But it still did.

I am afraid that I will fade one day. And no one will understand. I'm targeted more and more often, and I don't know how to fight it.

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