Vinland Ragnarok Twi'light of the Gods

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Midgarð is ravaged, by treachery. The final war, Ragnarök, has begun.

The Gods, and the jötunn (the giants), saw their destruction at the moment of their creation; neither can stop it.

With Loki’s betrayal, the jötunn overthrow Valhalla—hall of the slain—and home to the Æsir, forcing the exodus of the gods, and snaring “Óðinn’s chosen,” warriors.

Óðinn follows his trickster son to Vinland, to warn them of Loki’s plan to alter human destiny, and pave the way for the jötunn to survive their destruction, by creating, jötunn and human, hybrids.

Meanwhile, Thorfinn is working to honour his agreement with the First Nations people and leave Vinland, but an assassin’s attack sends Gudrid into premature labour, and when she regains consciousness, she’s horror-stricken to find baby Snorri missing.

A visitor urges them to journey to Leif’s southern settlement and into the caves, to seek Snorri—and to stop Loki from his final task; keep the Gram–the sword of power–hidden away from human hands.

On the shores of an inland lake, Freydis betrays her kin. Tostig escapes from her slaughter.

The path to the end is unchanging; the spilt blood of kin conceals its outcome.

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Submitted: October 07, 2016

At the end of the gods and the world, as it is said in Völuspá

Surtur from the south
wielding fire
The gods’ swords shine in the darkness,
like stars in the night
Mountains collapse into rubble
And fiends shall fall
Man walks the road to ruin
As the sky splits in two Read Chapter

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