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Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



She was a great girl. Looked every inch a girl but acted like a boy. What more could one ask for? Zippy could run like a deer, and climb trees fearlessly. Even better than me. We were best pals. Played football in the fall, basketball all winter long, and during the lazy days of summer there was swimming at the beach. In games, Zippy was always on my team. All the guys knew it. Never an argument. We never had to go far to see each other ‘cause she lived right next door on the left side of my house. Her bedroom was on the second floor opposite my bedroom and at night, we’d talk, not shout, just talk while everyone else was asleep. We’d talk about the fun days we had and the plans for the next, and after that.

Zippy was great, as I already told you, and smart too. She could dream of the life ahead and wanted to be somebody and do good things, and make her mom and dad proud. I knew she could do it. All of it. You just knew she was special and could do most anything she wanted to.

Good ole Zip used to make fun of the guys and tell jokes and laugh about us, and used to crack up telling us what she saw that all of us looked at but never saw. She saw the funny side of everything.

Zippy really made me happy, and I didn’t know it then, but those were the best years of my life ‘til she moved away, and that was some 25 years ago. I never saw her again but often thought of her and the great times we had together. Later on in life I had other friends, but believe me, no one ever became a better friend.

Good friends are hard to find.

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