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Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



When I was a kid, still running around in short pants, my most important possession was a football. Every day was a holiday, and I had a dog named Dog. To most everyone he was a scroungy, stupid, undernourished street dog, but to me he was the best lookin’ swiftest and wisest creature God ever created. I don’t mean just for a dog but for anyone. He was much smarter than anyone I knew and that goes for my mother too.

He really knew how to size up people, and could pick out a phony a mile away. I could never figure out how he knew, but he did and I can’t remember when he was ever wrong. No one could ever fool Dog. Every once in a while someone would want to get on the good side of Dog and try to pat him or bribe him with a bone or a piece of meat, but he could tell the phonies and let ‘em know his feelings right off. Dog would never go and just bite someone for the hell of it, but he wasn’t bashful either. If he liked you, he made you feel like you were the only one in the whole world ‘cause Dog really knew how to show his appreciation. He would nuzzle up to you, rub the side of his body on your leg and look you straight in the eye and you knew his thoughts, and he knew yours.

Dog would always rest on my bed during the day and sleep with me at night. During the winter I loved his warm body, and the sound of his breathing, and the feeling of the beat of his heart as we laid side by side.

No doubt about it, he was my best friend. He was always there for me. When I was happy, he was ecstatic, and when I was sad, he was devastated. When I asked him to get me a ball or a newspaper, he ran, and when I sat down, he laid down. No one could ever yell at me or scold me when Dog was around, not even my mother.

Dog protected me and loved me just as I loved him without conditions. To this day, I never found anyone like Dog who could give me such pleasure, not make any demands, criticize or pester and be a total bore. That grimly looking graceful four legged beauty brought me more happiness in my life than anyone could ever hope for.

It’s really difficult for me to understand that with all the miserable selfish people I know living 70 and 80 years, how could poor Dog, who only


loved and wanted to be loved, live for only 14 years. It seems so unfair.

I hope you hear me, God.


© Copyright 2018 Lenny Lowengrub. All rights reserved.

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