september 26th

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it was september 26th and your just on your way to the bank,then it takes a dark turn. are you prepared for what you are to experience?

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



"Bang bang." I realize what just happened. My head is splitting, I felt dead, maybe I am. 

"Well I'm off" I said not knowing what would happen that very day. He kissed me and said  goodbye. I miss him so much, I miss the way he kissed and hugged me, I miss you so much Ty. I have a boyfriend named Tyrone I can never call him, knowing he'd come look for me and die trying. 

It was just an ordinary day, September 26th. I was heading to the bank as I see three men  walk in, they didn't look suspicious huh, ironic. I'm at the counter talking to the lady at the front and I hear a gunshot, I turn around to see what happened I turn back around and the lady at the front with a name tag with the name Tammy in cursive letters just got shot in the head. You know those men well, they just started a robbery. I hid in one of the panels under the front lady's desk I watch one by one each person in the bank get shot, fall to their knees and die. Once everyone else in the bank is dead the main robber kills his two partners and searches around the bank and finds me, and kidnaps me.

He takes me too an abandoned building, looks at me and said "ever since I saw you I had to have you no matter what it takes. You are one beautiful woman Amy Azino." I wondered how he knew my name, but then realize he probably planned this robbery. " How do you know me?" I asked him. He pulled my head closer to him and kissed me. I felt ashamed that I kissed someone other than Ty. He left the building for something. I heard someone coming, but I wasn't sure who it was. He sounds kinda like Ty, but how could that be? It was Ty, but the robber was coming back he tried to shoot me but Ty protected me. "Ty!!!" I screamed. So sad I took the gun from the robber, kissed Ty for the last time, pointed the gun at my head, and then all I could was silence. It turned out I was dead.




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september 26th

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