A Lion, a Sun, an Incredible Thing

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This is a poem about a girl. How do you think I feel about this girl? Comment below!

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



I can’t get over her; can’t escape her gravitational pull.

She is the sun and I am the moon.

Her voice is demanding, softened by the glow

In her green-brown eyes.

They invite me, dare me, to stare into them and

lose myself in their magnificence.

I cannot stand their electrifying intensity.


And her hair.

The flaming, red-brown locks fall in gentle

Curls past her shoulders. It often

Appears tousled; her hair encircles her

Face like a lion’s mane. Her

Ivory-white and inviting smile

Contrast her walk, which is more of a

Swagger. She carries herself with pride,

Swaying slightly as a lion would,

Shoulders lowered by the weight of her

Swimmer’s muscles. Hearing her laugh is

Energizing; the sound of her

Voice demands attention.


And so I give it to her.

But she does not notice me.

She is the lion, the king of the jungle.

She is the sun,

And I am the moon.

I reflect her light straight back out,

And without her, I am merely

A desolate rock in space.


But maybe, just maybe,

Her gravitational pull will pull me in

a little closer until I can finally

Soak up her brilliance, and then

Closer still,

Until I am no longer the mirror.

Until I am the sun she carries within her.


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