Total Inaffection

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A song about a crush, back from when I was in a pretty bad place emotionally.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



Every time I look at you, he’s here:

The monster’s voice of sickness, doubt and fear

Hammering my consciousness of slate

Which at first glance would look as if it were a sturdy plate


But if struck, would shatter into a thousand shards

And breaking me? It wouldn’t be

Quite as hard as I’d have you believe. (As I'd have you believe)


But you? You’re stunning; you're beautiful, so pretty

If you think about it, it’s quite fitting

Considering I never stood a chance at your love

A chance at your love


And now here comes the gallant knight

Whisking you away

And there’s nothing I can do but watch in misery

As you fall for him, as you fall for him

O! My hidden agony.


Don’t worry about me, my friend, I never was important

I hope he makes you happier than I ever dreamed;

It’s hard to live up to, for in my fantasies

We’d live our lives the happiest that we could ever be


Now I’m wasting borrowed time

I borrowed it from you

I hope someday you’ll hear this

And you will find the truth

So goodbye, my love; can I call you that

Though you would never answer to these terms from me?


I’m clinging on, by fingernails

Help me over the side

I can no longer dwell upon you

For now the monster thrives


He’s feeding on my heartbreak

At your unbeknownst rejection.

At your perfect auburn locks

And total inaffection.

© Copyright 2018 Elizabeth Shaw. All rights reserved.

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