Keeping the Monster at Bay

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Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



Every time I look at you, he’s here:

The monster; a voice of sickness and fear

Hammering my consciousness, it’s made of slate –

That at first would look as if it were a sturdy plate


But if struck, would shatter into a thousand shards

And breaking me wouldn’t be quite as hard

As I’d have you believe.


You’re stunning, you really are so pretty

And I could love you so much that it’d hurt, but it’s a pity

That I never stood a chance at your love

With something in me hated by the gods above


Here comes the gallant knight to whisk you away

There’s nothing I can do but watch in misery

As you fall for him who came along before

I could get the chance to commit to more.


Now every time I look at you it’s here

The monster’s voice of sickness, doubt and fear

Hammering my consciousness without abate

As you leave


As I keep wasting borrowed time

That I borrowed from you

I hope that someday, hearing this

You’ll finally know the truth


But I keep holding on to you

When there’s nothing I can do


And clinging on by fingernails

Would you help me off the side?

Leave me be, leave me alone, push me aside

The monster thrives, he’s feeding on memories of you

So I need to die, or to find a way

To live without you.


© Copyright 2018 E. Shaw. All rights reserved.

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