We the people

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Some people are left unseen at the eve of every new iconic developments of the country. A tribute to those unseen guys. This is my quickie short story, Apologies if you feel my English is bad. Apologies if you notice spelling errors.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016





It was the first birthday of Emily, George's baby girl. Here at the camp, all he talked about was Emily, Emily, Emiy. It seems rather odd for a man with a majestic muscular frame like him to be so soft at the heart but again,more the physique greater the fear. The one sitting opposite to George was Paul, Paul 'dynamic' Houston. He moved so fast and destructive towards the enemy lines that people often compared him with a bull. He was indeed a bull towards life, charging at it with an infinite amount of energy which makes one wonder, why is he so harsh with his life? the reason was almost exclusive to us at the camp. His story is so dark and tragic that you could practically make a whole tragical movie with an unfinching protagonist at the center of it. But i don't want to get into all that stuff because that would make this a 2 hour long description. To my left, there is Martin, his parents named him after their favourite idol, Martin Luther King jr. which might make one think that he might have a loving parents but at a family where your father is a jobless drunkard whose main objective is to beat the hell out of your mother everyday, there isn't much scope for the whole family-love thing. The one sitting opposite to me was Rosie, sounds like a lovely name and seems like a lovely person (atleast to me) but you can't find a more heartless daring women than her. Beleive me, she could do ANYTHING once she seems that the reason is justified and the the thing i really liked about her and i DO admit that i have a crush on her. Some says that iam in love with her and i can say that they are not lying.

Who are we you might ask but for any others we might have said our fake names, fake life stories and all but since this is something iam talking open heartedly i don't want to cover our real life. We are the most coveted and reputed Suicide Squad of the country. It doesn't matter where we are, which war we participate, the identity of us will always be covered. Unlike the normal soldiers you see, we don't get days off, we don't get salary, we don't come out open like all others. Some of us (actually only George) has a family or in our terms, an OUTSIDE CONNECTION and others only talk to other members of the team and to certain secure and verified voice calls. At the end, in the warzone we only have each other and we always make sure we cover each others backs. If there is a crucial war between us and other countries, you can be sure that we had participated in it but you won't find a name or a mere mention of us in the honouring ceremony. Why am i saying all of this to you? Cause there is a 90% chance that this will be the end of the road to us.

You can put it anyway - military operation gone wrong, attacking without sufficient information, tactical mistakes at the zone but none of it matters.

"Henry, what are you thinking?" George finally found the power to talk.

"Georgy, i never believed in the theory that life rewinds like a cinema at the time of our death."

"Don't you start the movie because help might come." Rosie joined the discussion.

"Don't you know girl, in the race between help and death, death always wins" Paul too was speaking.

"Martin what do you think, will help arrive?" I asked martin, but there was no reaction.

"It seems the suicide squad reduced to 4" George asked and started laughing. Suddenly, blood started spurting out of his mouth and with a small floundering, his movement ceased.

I don't know why but tears where rolling down on my eye but nobody seemed to notice it as i was covered in blood

"Who knew, the most efficient suicide squad would end up in this trench at an enemy zone, huh" Paul was still going strong.

"Some of us might live Paul" I answered in hopes of providing hope for him

"I can already feel the death Henry but if you guys live, please make sure that you break our existence to the world and the wars we took part in, i really needed that honour in the war at Afganisthan".

"Paul, don't give up easily my friend...." i knew that the squad number has been reduced into 2.

"Rosie, its just the 2 of us now, so can i speak to you about something?"

"Shoot it Henry"

" I intended to say this before a long time, from the moment i met you at the training camp, i loved you like hell. I never had this feeling for anyone before and if we escape from this trench, will you marry me?"

I looked at her longingly to get the answer i was hoping for. A nod, a slight hum, a 'yes' would have sufficed but she just lay sat there with her eyes open and blood gently oozing out of her mouth. 

I had only one regret in my life, its that i never got a reply to that question from Rosie but its over now, all of it....is...over.

I felt something waiting to comne out inside me. My chest was throbbing uncontrollably and like Paul said, i could feel the death now. Now, it all seemed fading.....away.........Suicide Squad........Rosie.......George......Martin......Paul......country......honour......

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