Planned coincidence

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Based on true story.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



A short story – Planned coincidence

One day there was a guy named X, X is a person who has dreams and he believes he will achieve all of them and make the come true. He believed in the quote “Your thoughts turn into reality”, before that he almost never achieved anything in his life, was such a loser who wasted his time doing nothing. Failed in almost everything he tried to succeed in, the main reason behind that is that he never had the will to succeed, Intention was never enough. One of X’s dreams is find his life partner, although he was young to think about that. But he always did and he had it mind, but then when he started to look around he found out that nothing really suits him. Either he was too weird for others or they were too weird for him, his requirements were simple at the same time “Nonexistent”.

He told himself you never get what you really want, you have to adapt to the people around you. Maybe you’re the different one, he got disappointed. After his previous relationship has failed, he feared failing another one, he really did not want this to happen again. He had an idea that he thought it would be brilliant, he did not forget about his favorite quote “Your thoughts turn into reality” he started to draw his partner in his dreams, he imagined everything he wanted. A girl with knowledge, a girl who knows how to respect others meanwhile earn everyone’s else respect. A girl who’d share his beliefs with him, a girl who knows she has a brain for a reason. A girl when he holds her hands he believes he can take over the world. A girl her smile is beautiful enough to make his sadness disappear. He drew this in his dreams and he started to believe a miracle can still happen when miracles stopped thousands of years back.

One day a girl passed across his eyes (Let’s call her “Y”), he had a feeling that she is the one, she is one who he had imagined. And he started to believe that his spell has worked! But then he asked himself, what should I do now? He started talking with her, they were old friend but they haven’t spoke for years. A coincidence started their talk. Or it could be a planned coincidence. Every word she says, made him believe that she is the one. He was so happy that he didn’t believe that this could be real, he kept pushing for it, talking to her every day until she felt something is wrong with that guy, and stopped him. She never knew that he just has found his girl of his dreams, she never knew that he always had her mind without even seeing her, imagine when he sees her? How should he react? Only X knows about this, him and his heart. He felt heartbroken, he dropped a tear he didn’t drop in years. He started to have his doubts “Is she the one?” “Do you think you ll ever find her” “What did you do you idiot”, he started to feel bad about himself, he had no other options than returning back to his imaginary lifetime partner. But this situation did not stop him from achieving his life goals, he was doing pretty good, but still missing his biggest goal. His lifetime partner.

He never forgot about Y still believing that she could be the one, and out of nowhere “Z” pops in his life, making it like fairy tale, he fell in love with “Z” so quick. He never expected himself to fall that way. She loved him back, and that is where it all started for X, he was never so happy, he found what he has been always looking for, every day it was getting better and better they loved each other so much, until problems kept happening, he started to have doubts, but he told himself this is common in every relationship you have to be stronger and do your best to change these problems into flowers, he bought her presents whenever he could, he made her laugh whenever she is sad and when was sick he never left her, his heart was always with her. It was a beautiful love story, he never expected that to happen, he never had it planned. But he believed in destiny.

X and Z kept having problems, he never saw that coming. He kept seeing things in Z that he did not like, he tried to change her negativity into positivity. But his efforts were useless, he started to lose his patience, he started to realize that this is not what he had in mind, this is not what he imagined. By time problems overshadowed the good times, and it was never like a fairy tale again. He always had to cope, he never liked it. But he did not give up that easy, he kept fighting for the relationship to make it last. But it fallen apart. X and Z left each other.

X was not happy, neither sad. X was strong enough to move on. Fight his latest challenges in life, meanwhile he never forgot about Y, but during that past period he knew Y had a partner and was happy. But he still never forgot about her, although he knows he doesn’t have a chance and will never do.
X and Y spoke from time to time as friends, then one day she told him she broke up!!! He was the happiest person on earth, meanwhile he was sad for her. He couldn’t see her sad. They started to speak again sharing their life plans and events, he still had a little belief that she was the one. But he could never tell her about that, at least for now. Every day he speaks with her he knew he was right from the 1st day, from the 1st hour, from the 1st minute. But this time he doesn’t not want to lose this gem. He doesn’t want to do the same mistake again. He knows how hard for him was to find something like that, but she doesn’t. She only saw his surface; she doesn’t know what he has been through to find her. X still doesn’t know if he really loves her, he barely saw her. But he speaks with her a lot. X kept asking himself a question, is it possible to fall in love without you barely see? How can you make sure she’s not like Z?
He has many questions going on in his head. But all he knows is that he planned for something imaginary, and he called it the planned confidence. 

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