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Michael is a thirteen year old boy who only wants to be together with his family among the stars.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



I looked out over the city of New York, it was beautiful to see the sunset shimmer over the high buildings. I watched the sun disappear, and the moon to come and take its place on the night sky. The night was so beautiful, peaceful, and quiet for the first time in many years. All the million stars were shining like diamonds, and helped the moon to light up the dark night.

I love the nights, especially when the moon and all the stars are showing. I love to stay up late and just stare at the night sky. I love all the stories my two older brothers tells me every night, thousand stories about the stars, the moon, and the night. I know that my brothers have made up almost all the stories, but I don't care, all their stories are real and magical to me.

I watched the beautiful night sky for almost a half hour, and then I directed my eyes to look down the high building I was standing on. It was a long way down to the now empty streets. No people was nearby, no one that I could see anyway.

I just had to take one more step and it would all end. My brothers has been taken really good care of me since our parents died in a horrible accident three years ago. It feels like it was my fault that they died, I know it wasn't but it still feels like it.

I remember the night the accident happened, how awful the gas smelled when I walked by the kitchen, and I was going to tell mom and dad, but the lights went out and I was terrified of the dark back then. I was busy trying to find my parents that I forgot everything about the gas. I could hear mom calling for me, and dad was probably looking for either a flashlight or some matches maybe, but I didn't dare to even whisper a word, I was scared that the monsters in the dark would find me if I did.

I slowly walked towards were I thought the voices came from and found a door which led me to the stairs in our apartment. I wanted to get out of the building but I hesitated whether I should just go outside in the moonlight or if I should go back and try to find my parents in the dark. I wanted to be in the light but I didn't want to leave my parents alone in the dark.

I was standing on the stairs trying to decide what I should do, but I didn't get to think very long. An explosion of fire, smoke and heat came behind me, pushing me down the stairs and in to a wall. My body hurt but my head was worse, I opened my eyes and saw smoke everywhere and fire spredding up and down the stairs. The heat was to much just like the pain I felt. I could hear screaming all around me and I didn't have the strenght to move.

Later on I lost consciousness because of the smoke around me, and woke up in the hospital the next morning with my two older brothers by my side. They explained everything to me and told me about our parents not coming back, it hit us all pretty hard and lots of tears were shed. One weak later I was free from the hospital and moved in with my brothers in a new apartment, and a few days later I got really depressed and still am.

I survived. Why? Why did I get to live and they die a horrible death? I have tried to find answers to that, but never succeeded to get any. I want to see them again, to feel their embrace, to hear their voices and laughs. I miss them so much that it hurts.

Last night my brothers told me a story about the stars, when someone dies a new star shines, that's what they said. Mom and dad are two beautiful stars in the peaceful night sky, and soon I will be one with them, and my brothers will be too when they decide to join us, and then we will be a family again.

I looked back up at the sky and smiled as tears started to slowly trickle down. Just one step and all the pain and guilt will go away. I lifted one foot, not taking my eyes away from the beautiful night sky, and then I felt myself slowly fall down as my foot was over the edge of the high building. The wind blew on my skin and through my hair as I fell fast down to the hard ground. I was still watching the night sky, and happy memories showed up in my mind, I smiled at it.

I was falling fast, and then I hit the rock hard ground and pain was everywhere. My eyes were closed and the pain was unbearable, but why was the pain still there? I want it to go away, I want to be free from all the pain I have been feeling. Why isn't it going away?

Wait, I hear something. It's a voice, but what is it saying? No, there is two voices. I hear someone calling my name, they sound scared. I slowly open my eyes and see two blurry figures hovering over me. I closed my eyes again for a couple of seconds, and when I opened them I could see the figures a little bit clearer, but I still couldn't see who it was. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and this time I saw my two older brothers, crying, they are talking to me, but I can't hear them well.

No, wait, I can hear them now. They are telling me to stay awake. I look up at their faces, and I wish I didn't, they were crying, and they look so broken and hurt. I don't want to see them like this, I want them to be happy.

I open my mouth to try and talk to them, but instead of words, blood came out and a cough that made me feel all the broken bones in my body, it was really painful.

"Michael...please...k-keep your eyes o-open...don't leave us..." That was my older brother Samuel, he sounds so full of hurt, but he should know that everything is going to be okay. I'm going to be with mom and dad again, but this time in a beautiful place among all the stars.

"Why...w-why Michael...why did y-you do t-this..." That was David, he sounds just as scared as Samuel. I feel the pain in my broken body get much worse every second, it scares me. Am I going to feel this pain forever? Is this my punishment for destroying our family?

I try to talk to them again, but just more blood and painful coughs comes instead. "...s-or- *coughs*-y..." I hope they heard me.

"Shh...i-it's okay...ev-everything is going t-to be fine...just stay with us..." Samuel's voice sounds so broken, it hurts me a little bit more.

"Michael...w-why..." David was whispering to himself, but I could still hear him, and I was scared, not because of how broken they both look, but because of the horrible pain that I felt and the darkness that started to surround me.

"...I-I...*coughs*...t-...t-thought I wa-anted...t-this..." They both got more tears streaming down their faces, and David tried to tell me to stop talking, but I didn't listen.

"...b- *coughs*...b-but...n-now t-hat it's ha-happening...*coughs*...I-I'm scared..." My brothers didn't say anything, they just cried and sobbed more and more, but they were listening to every word I said.

"...d-don't be...*coughs*'m g-go-ing to se-see mom a-and...*coughs* ag-ain..." They both looked at me with tearful eyes and hurt, but they try to smile at me, because they know that what I'm saying is true.

I smile back to them. "...I- *coughs*...I-I Love y-you...s-so much...t-to the moon an-d b-back....y-you are t-th- *coughs* t-the be-est big bro-brothers...I-I will ev-ever h-have..." It's getting harder and harder to breathe, I don't have much time left.

"...w-we love you too..." David's voice was still very sad, but he was fighting himself to stay strong, for me.

"...we will a-always love y-you..." Samuel's voice was a little bit shaky, but just like David, he was fighting himself to stay strong.

I look at them as my own tears are starting to come back. I was really scared, but when I turned to look at the night sky, and see all the stars and the moon shining bright over us and the city, I feel the pain slowly go away and everything starts to feel so peaceful. I thought about the last story they told me, and I felt happy. I was going to see mom and dad again, and David and Samuel will come to us when they are ready to leave.

I smile at the thought as my eyes slowly closes. "...w-when...s-some-one dies a- *coughs*...a n-new star sh-shines..." With those last words, I took my final breath and my eyes firmly shut, it was all finally over, the pain was gone.

I open my eyes and sees my older brothers cry their eyes out as they sobbed heavily over me. I couldn't feel any pain anymore, it was all so peaceful. I sat up and looked at my broken brothers, I felt bad for leaving them, but they will soon come to the other side too.

I stood up and walked away a few meters. When I turned around I saw Samuel hugging my dead corpse and David hugging both. I didn't like seeing them like this, but very soon there will be no sadness or pain, only happiness.

I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and see mom and dad walking hand in hand together towards me. They were smiling at me, and I smiled back and ran to them. They both stopped and stretched out their arms and I ran right into their embrace and hugged them tight, and they hugged me back just as tight.

We released the hug and I understood that it was time to leave. Mom and dad started to walk away, but they stopped and waited for me. They smiled, and I smiled back, but I had to do one thing before we left. I turned around and walked back to my brothers, they were still crying, but they tried to calm themselves.

I don't like saying goodbye, but I have to, even if we will soon see each other again. Wait, why do I have to say goodbye when we will soon be together again? Exactly, I don't need to, but I don't want to leave without saying something. I already told them that I love them, and that they are the best big brothers I will ever have. What else can I say?

Last words for a day, but we will still see each other again. It's like falling asleep, you know it's time to go to a place only you can go to, but you don't have to say goodbye because you will be together again when you wake up. That's the word!

I walk to my brothers and hug them, they can't feel or see me, but I can with them, and before I let go of them I whisper to both a single word.

"Goodnight!" I let go and runs back to mom and dad who is still waiting for me. I turn around one last time when I hear both my brothers say goodnight, both having a small smile on their faces, and my smile grew. With that mom, dad, and me walked away in the beautiful night.

I was happy, because I knew we would be a happy family very soon.

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