An Open Letter to My Little Sister

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An Open Letter

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



Don't worry, I won't be too mean here, because I know you think I always am. 

In reality, I'm mean to you to toughen you up, also because some days you're just annoying. But mostly to make you stronger, you've always been sort of kept to yourself, not spineless, but almost afraid to say what you're thinking, which is a shame because you are truly full of intelligent and kind thoughts. 

The way you put others feelings first, the way your laugh can make me smile even when I've never been so angry at you, the way you always make sure you are on top of your studies, the way you are always optimistic, and just some of the reasons why you are one of my biggest inspirations.

Even though you are younger than me, and I am suppose to be teaching you lessons, I feel like I have learned so much more from you than you have from me. Probably because you think all my fights with mom are pointless, which is most of the time true, or maybe my daily 3 hour naps cannot teach you much.

But I really hope, that one day, when you have made one man the happiest he could possibly be, and when you have little children, that I hope will be just like you, running around, you can tell them that I wasn't such a bad sister, regardless of all the fights. And I can be the most badass aunt anyone has ever met.

I hope that when we are older we continue to grow as the best of friends.

I hope you know how special you truly are.

Thank you for being my crazy sister, thank you for being my friends favorite little sister, thank you for our countless Taylor Swift jam sessions, thank you for listening to me when I cry, and laughing at me when I do something stupid. Thank you for loaning me money for a McDonald's smoothie because I don't know how to save my money quite yet. Thank you for siding with me when we both know mom and dad are acting crazy. Thank you for helping me decide what I want to major in, by showing me how rewarding that major would be. Thank you for dancing with me in the kitchen and singing with me in the car. Thank you for talking in the most ridiculous voices and accents. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for letting me vent, even if I've been in your room for an hour and a half. Thank you for letting me take you and your friends places, when you know I have nothing better to do. Thank you for always looking prettier than me, and having better hair than me. Thank you for all of the memories, and the billions more to come. Thank you for being my annoying, loud, crazy, fun-loving, open-hearted little sister.

You mean more than you could ever know.

With love,
Your Older (and better, duh.) Sister

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