The Oak Tree

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The Oak Tree knows their secrets and thoughts.

The Oak Tree

Next, to the big oak tree, he sat her down. He scratched his onyx black eyebrows and let out a sigh under the psithurism of the trees. He went on both knees with his head hanging low as if to say a prayer in front of an idol. He felt the grass stroke his knee as the wind danced through them. He faintly reached out his arm towards her and slowly look up from underneath her chin. He softly and gently placed her dainty hand in his palm and covered it with his other hand. He squeezed her fingers as he looked towards her and stroked her cheek moving her hair, the sun began to creep through the interstices of her hair, as it was moved. 

Taking in a deep breath, he looked to her hand in his and calmy but confidently spoke, "Whenever you're near me, my blood boils. Whenever you're away, my heart is out of tune and as the strings on a guitar, it plays whatever note your heart strums. You are my melody and symphony. Whenever I look into your eyes, I am eluded from reality, only to be retrieved back by the warmth of your smile. I could speak a thousand words, yet no one would have the ability to portray you."

There was silence. He felt a relentless sensation of agony as he stared back up. A sudden burst of wind rustled through his hair. He looked down at her hand and like sand escaped through his fingers. Her image followed the trail of the wind, brushing again his cheeks. His chin began to shake and his eyes swelled shut holding back the river of Lethe. He looked back up crookedly, and painfully. He groaned under his breath. His knees felt numb, digging into the icy cold ground. He looks up to see the tree had spent all its tears. The moon transfixed him, staring at him through the leaves of the tree. 

"... This is where I first met you. The time I first fell in love. Now you're gone, without uttering a single goodbye. When did you decide to leave? Where did your promise fade? You tainted my soul with colour but left me in darkness, my dear. The calm stillness in your eyes that soothed me still haunts me, however, it no longer gives me rest." 

He fell down to his elbows and digging his nails into the soft soil. He lay in solitude next to the big oak tree, under the psithurism of the Oak Tree that whispered the memories they once shared together.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Louann Jackson

That was awesome! Keep up the good work.

Mon, January 30th, 2017 6:37pm

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