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You do not owe your happiness to anyone.

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



Happiness is something we all search for. We dig to experience this sensation, but some get lost in the search. Some are luckily enough to obtain it, while others can only dream of it. Sometimes those who do obtain it, have a difficulty holding onto it. Sometimes other people won't understand your source of happiness, they will be confused and try to remove it. It's not because they do not want to see you happy but because they don't understand. While it is easy for them, it isn't for you. It never will be.

Ignoring your hearts dictations is the most difficult thing to do, because your entire life you listen to it. Not your parents, friends, partner or teachers. Your heart. Your heart taught you what family is, it taught you how to love and care. Without a heart you are nothing but an empty being and that is exactly what you become if they take away the essence, which is happiness.

Everyone is an individual, so when you ask them to do something which will steal their joy, you must know what you are asking them to do. Not everyone handles every situation the same, and not everyone shares the same perception. Two people cannot fully interpret something identically, there is always a variance. Therefore, to expect everything to be 'okay' at the end is inane after any given situation, even if you think the outcome is for the best. No individual owes anyone their own happiness.

Every person in your life has value. You cannot weigh one person against one hundred. You cannot compare the value of people you love. If you love them, they should already be priceless to you. Yet, we may not always portray that as it is difficult. We are simple humans and not everyone is saint, so sometimes we may forget how much some individuals mean to us. Sometimes we should also understand how much an individual values another.

In the end no one knows how life plays out. So trying to predict the future is pointless and foolish. There is no such this as 'it WILL happen'. Just the same way you cannot predict a person's nature. Sometimes a saint turns into a demon or a demon is idolised as a saint, but in the end time will reveal everything.

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