My voice is lost

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Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



My words are not my own
My thoughts are not my own
The Feelings I get
Not my own

Words are the saviour
Words are the devourer 
Fighting in the playground
of memories
Filled with feelings
Grains of sand, increasing.

Who the fuck am i?
Where's my voice
to say what is good and what is bad
Why do i cling onto stangers,Unmistakenly sad
In this world, Where beliefs are truths
where i doubt my own thoughts
my own voice
since it is

Where's my voice?
Why is it blocked
Why do stronger whispers keep it locked
Why does the key belong to the world
Why the society and why not me
Why cannot I make it rain
Why cannot i decide what's sane.

Why do i follow in to what they say?
A lie as clear as smoke in the day
Building up a future, calling it progress
It's a race to see who loses the most 
When they fall to their deaths
They dont lose much in the end
Since they've already lost theirself
in the beginning.

Where is it?

Pain. Anger.Fear. Envy.Pride.Lust.Sloth.Gluttony.Greed

Thats my voice

It's all the pain inside my heart
It's all the anger for moments past
It's all the fear for the moment to come
It's all the envy for the Objects i lack
It's all the pride for the me i see
It's all the lust Filled in the fantasies
It's all in the sloth of the body's despair
It's all the gluttony in the life of night
It's all the greed for all these voices
to come back, over and again
Because i need these
These are me.

I am nature. My voice is primal
My words are tamed
My actions
I'm an animal, yet i'm not
I'm a human
Who's voice is lost

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