Bind me

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Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



Call my life a gift
call my death a curse
ask me how much i have in my purse
since what i deserve i have to earn
because that's what everyone else does.

Bind me to a vision of me
that is decided by what others see
bind me to a single personlity
never to change, inspite of me
bind me to a walk and a talk
which if i change, deserves a shock
Bind me to conformity in your square
out of which i shall not dare
Bind me to what really matters
Until everything my own shatters
bind me with chains to the ground
which if i leave, i shall be drowned

Bind me.

Bind me like a sadist
and allow me to submit
and allow me to give myself up

and fill my empty spaces
with your spiked maces
punching them inside 
I can never be able to fill those spaces
Which i used to when i became inspired.

Call my life a curse
Call my death a gift
Allow me the death of a masochist
All i have in my purse is 
parts of my self
Looking to pay
the sadist.

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