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"Would a certain Grandfather like to spend some time with the girls while I run some errands?" so read the text on my iPhone which was sent by my daughter in law.
"Yes." my reply. And the rest is history...

Submitted: October 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 08, 2016



(Theatre) 12:19 hours, Saturday, 03 September, 2016 From the Mind of Doc

The stage is set. The old actor and two young, beautiful actresses are in place. Music plays in the background and the show begins…

“Gwaanfauder I can’t see” says the youngest actress as she stumbles on part of her costume and tips toward the floor. I catch her before she does a nose dive into the floor. We re-adjust the “blankey” upon her head and secure it so she does not stumble on it again. The older of the actresses giggles as she sits upon the “throne” awaiting us to re-position.

“O.K. Let’s try this again”, I say. We walk to the “princess” who sits upon her throne.

“Your highness, we come from a great distance to bring you news…” I say in my imitation of an “old English actor”.

“Tell me!” says the “Princess” as she sits upon her “throne” and giggles, her big eyes shining and a smile upon her face.

I gently nudge the youngest actress forward so she would not place her back to the “pretend” audience.

“The princess wishes to know what you have to say!” I say my lines in the above mentioned accent.

“The youngest tilts her head to look upon the “princess”, her “blankey” covering her blonde curls and one eye and says: “I gotta go potty…”

So ends Act One, Scene One, of Grandfathers Theatre...

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