Ships of Friends

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Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: October 09, 2016




Ships of friends.


Friends we make are few,

But our choosing is our truth,

Listening and comparing,

Opening hearts and sharing,


A state of games we play,

Inside, outside, seeds of today

The brief glimpses we meet,

The friends we have grieved,


A friendship takes all forms

They can be ugly or support

We travel with friends

Through the bitter ends.


Friends help us see the light

Even in the blackest hour of nights,

They see our thunder and snow

Our sunshine and seasons sown.


We nurture and cure our hearts,

Friendships are the deepest parts.

Like ships we hold each other’s masts,

And shout ahoy, we spied some clear land.


Inspiring and creative paths,

That reminds us of different pasts

Of before motherhood and “her”

The wife, the cook, the nurturer.

Friends we make are true,

Friends we make and of which we choose.

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