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Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: October 09, 2016




What happens to reason?

When all your feelings

Are torn and ripped

From your hands to your wrists

All blocked and bursting

To be ripped hurting

Where does reason go?

For a long walk or a stroll

Hiding being the door

Or underneath the floor

Is reason a man or woman?

A feeling or a spasm of a nerve

Surely if male, reason would argue and not serve

He would formulate a plan of action, plan an attack

And then if a woman, reason would surely try

But then agree that it’s the best thing to do is cry

Reason has a way of hiding when you’re low

It has a way of not appearing and letting your mind sow

Sometimes Reason is so coy and playful

That you’ve forgotten and feel dutiful

Reason is not a feeling or an emotion,

But a state of mind, a moment of caution

Reason is something we tune into and switch off

Reason was not created by god

© Copyright 2018 Jasmine Johnson. All rights reserved.

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