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In Memphis, Egypt a lot of people were forced to look the other way when it came to their fourth child went missing. The ruler of Memphis at that time, would always change the subject if he was questioned about the mystery of how everyone’s fourth child would disappear. Everyone was upset about how you were only allowed to have three children and if you had any more that child would get taken away from you. How the men would show up to your house with the king and they could take your child away and you wouldn’t get any explanation about where they were being taken. No one knew if their children were still alive. Many residents would be furious and try to get down to the facts they would disappear, without a trace. This startled the villagers. For years it all kept going until my brother came into this world, Asychis. Asychis has been different since the age of 2. Everyone was so used to a routine for their lives he didn’t like it. While the elders were telling the kids to not speak to strange people he spoke to them, he wanted to know why they were strange and why they acted differently he questioned everything. He was our parents 2nd child. By the time he was three our parents had a daughter Cleopatra, Cleopatra was the only daughter so we all took extra care of her. For a couple years it was only my father, my mother, Asychis, Cleopatra and I. Then our mother got pregnant. Once she told us we all agreed that we would keep her pregnancy a secret from the village as much as we could. She would put on bigger clothes and one of us would always be with her to protect her. Surprisingly we were able to keep her pregnancy a secret. We were even able to keep our sister a secret and in the house for 8 years. By this time I was 20, Asychis was 16, Cleopatra was 13, and Femi was 8 years old. Asychis was really close to Femi the closest of them all he took care of her more than anyone in the family to keep her safe. I don't know why this happened but suddenly one night guards showed up at our house while everyone was asleep. They were specifically looking for Femi you could see it in their eyes. They searched every room for Femi. They looked in every bedroom every inch of the room. We were all praying in silence that they wouldn't find her. Then when they got to Cleopatra’s room they found her under the bed. We were so torn when we saw them leaving the house with Femi. Femi was terrified she had no idea who these men were and where they were taking her. As they were leaving our home Asychis went after them he had his knife ready he was ready to kill these men. He did fight off two of them. Then about three men tied him onto a tree so he wouldn't follow them. He started crying and screaming. After that night nothing was the same, We weren't happy. Everything was so dull after we all thought of what had happened to our sister. Asychis and our mother were the worse of them all. Asychis wasn't himself anymore, he was cruel he was worried about our sister he wouldn't do much just lay in bed practically all day. After a month of him being soulless all of a sudden one day he got out of his room, speaking to everyone smiling etc. We didn't dare to ask him “why now?” we just acted as if nothing had ever happened. Then suddenly he asked me if I would go hunting with him. So I agreed to it I wanted him to be happy for as long as he was able to be happy. We left the house and then he said to me “We aren't going to hunt” so I was confused and curious as to where we were going. So I asked him “So then where are we going?” then he said “These weeks I've been in my room I've been thinking of a plan to get Femi back, We need to find her” I didn't bother to say anything back to him knowing I would never be able to change his mind. Therefore I asked “So what is your plan where do you think she is?”. He gave me a look that you could tell he thought I was stupid. Then he spoke. “Isn't it obvious? She’s going to be in the castle, Where the ruler lives”. In my mind I was thinking about how crazy Asychis is no one ever goes into the castle if they aren't his servants or guards. Although I didn't dare tell him we probably wouldn't find her, or even worse find her dead. I just went with him and when we got to the castle he pulled me to the side and said to me “Okay so I'm going to make a big fuss and distract the guards and you will go in and find Femi” then I argued with him telling him that the guards would kill him and that I wouldn't do it. Then he spoke over me “Darius I don't care what you want or if they kill me, Femi deserves to live I want her to be free please this is what I want. When you find her don't tell her I did this for her tell her I left town” I nearly started crying when I heard that but I nodded. As he distracted the guards I snuck in trying to keep quiet as much as I could then I went through 10 rooms I still couldn't find her. I started to get frustrated. Then I heard guards so I had to rush into the kitchen before they could find me. As soon as I rushed in I saw two women and a little girl. I said “Femi?” and the little girl turned around. Femi’s eyes brightened as she ran towards me. The women were dressed in rags and I thought I would have a problem getting her out without them saying a thing but they knew why I had shown up. They nodded at me as I grabbed my little sister picked her up and ran out. I ran all the way home. I was crying while running but Femi didn't know why. My brother was taken away from me he gave up his life for Femi. We all were happy that Femi was back. I didn't dare tell the family that Asychis was killed I told them the same thing he wanted Femi to know. Although I was older than Asychis he was much more wise than me. He didn't want any recognition over saving Femi. He is the bravest man I've ever known. I was lucky to be able to call him my brother.


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