Tinder Romance

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Have you ever lost yourself in the internet douche-bag dating scene?

Then this is the perfect short story to read.

This is a deep, exploratory book on the perks and pitfalls, of the online dating scene.

Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: October 09, 2016



Tinder Romance



Have you ever met someone online? Tinder, Oasis, Ashley & Madison, E-Harmony or another dating site/app? Then this is the book for you! The whole premise is beautiful right? Meeting your soul-mate online in a sea of potential prospects. Although it seems today in the dating world for a single person to be tough. Believe me, I should know, I’ve been single for too long.


Okay first things first, the “premise” is entirely wrong! The developer of the app or website didn’t intend (let’s hope not) to make the single world a complicated sea of miserable people. I’m a very happy person. It’s because I’ve stopped doing it. There’s no point, look up where-ever you are, there is a good chance there will be people around you.


I’ll probably be shunned by all the “dating experts” that use this platform to effect. It can work although, it seldom lasts. The reality is brutal, messed up and at times simply a depressing environment. Let’s take Tinder for example. There are good people on it, although these are the people who have just started or know exactly how to ignore the heart-breaking dicks.


After a while, the people who last (I was one unfortunately), become a by-product of this toxic environment. The below is a list of people who shouldn’t be on it:


  • You’ve broken up with the ex
  • You like playing people
  • You dislike people
  • You consider yourself a player
  • People that enjoy pissing people off
  • Catfish
  • Groups of girls
  • Groups of men


If you identified yourself as one of those people, please don’t worry, all you need to do is delete the app. Speak to your friends and family and everything wil hopefully work-out. I tried it, it worked, you can do the same. You can re-invent your dating life by simply being yourself! Now let’s laugh a bit. Below is a typical conversation between a girl and guy on Tinder:


Conversation 1:


Guy: hey, how are you?

Girl: I’m doing great, how about you?

Guy: Let’s meet up?

Girl: Why?

Guy: To have sex.


(Conversation deleted, verbal argument started, unmatched or reported)


Conversation 2:


Girl: Hey, how are you?

Guy: Yeah I’m doing great, how are you?


(Complete silence//no response.)


Conversation 3:


Guy: Hey, how are you?

Girl: Yeah great, I see you like the gym me too!

Guy: Oh sweet, what gym do you go to?

Girl: Definition Health Club.

Guy: No way! Me too, lets grab a coffee sometime?


(Complete silence//no response)


Conversation 4:


Girl: Hey you’re cute!

Guy: Aw thanks, you are too!

Girl: Would you like a coffee sometime?

Guy: Yeah sure, how about Thursday?

Girl: Thursday’s busy as I've got work.

Guy: When are you free?

Girl: Weekends.

Guy: Sounds great, let’s do coffee, at Gino’s in Fremantle around 3pm Sat?

Girl: Sure, would love to ahah here’s my number “insert digit’s here”.


Obviously, the last conversation, is ideal. Yes, it does happen, but keep in mind that’s after conversation 1- 3.  If you’ve already had one, you already know, this skip to my next paragraph. So both Tony and Gina, arrive at Gino’s, after the verbal head-spin of the tinder environment. They are awkwardly looking at eachother. After a few awkward moments, one of two things usually happens. Some one agrees “we aren’t compatible” or my perfered option someone says something. I mean anything, it could legit be “this is awkaward isn’t it?”.


It does not matter, the standards are set so low, its almost sad. People respond to personalities. Even whilst reading this, you are probably thinking I wonder what Mason’s voice sounds like. You won’t know until you meet the person. So why bother. Get off it! Delete it build your friendship and family circles and believe me it happens. You don’t go looking for love. Let it happen and believe it will and it will.


You need to consider that perhaps, in some cases the answer to love, is staring you right in the face. A close friend maybe? A person who you’ve never considered to be “the one”. It sounds all made up, to the people that think that way. I’m a hopeful romantic, you can be too. In the paraphrased word’s of Mattflix (Music Band) “…don’t let the system get you down”. If you don’t let the Tinder system you down, you are a braver person than me!  


There are some positives to using the application. An example is the fact that you can meet new people or even better match with people you already know and have a bit of cheeky banter. If you don’t get addicted to the application, then yeah sure, use it. But it’s legit like a club environment on your phone. I mean legit, think about it, you need your Facebook ID or email ID to get in. Then after, you’ve gotten past, the douchebag of a geeky security system bouncer the fun begins.


I mean the tinder club can be fun. But the people, who stay there for long enough become those seedy, drop-kicked, drugged males, females and transgendered people nobody wants to know. They tend to socialize amongst each other, and yeah sure fun, for a couple of shags. But believe me because I was one of these people. You stay in this crowd, for too long, sex becomes mechanical and you might as well go to the gym it’d be just as much fun!


Have you ever, spotted someone from a far, depicted an image of the dream you and this complete stranger could possibly have? Sounds ideal, but in reality, you need to build it up, get to know the other person and then of course make a move. I’m very direct, it’s just simpler for me. By the way, by direct, I mean in no uncertain terms flirt with them. You’ll arrive at an answer sooner and usually you do save time.


Otherwise you end up hearing the words; “oh, I thought we were just friends” or “I don’t see you in that way” or “Oh sorry, should’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve got a boyfriend/girlfriend.” Even if you hear, those heart-crushing lines, don’t give up! I’m sure, if it’s meant to be he/she/shehe/heshe will find their way back into your life.  


Is there ever the one for any given person? Perhaps not! But, in all honestly cherish, your counter-part, who ever they happen to be at a various stage of your life. We are all at different stages of life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps you; just broke up with the Ex, started a long term relationship, are having causal sex, or married if you are lucky.


You must ensure you have found the right person. No relationship is perfect; from the outset the vast majority of relationships are dysfunctional internally. We have lost something which, quite frankly is staring at us directly in the face. Look up from your internet dating app and simply look around you.


There’s a good chance, unless you live in a small island, there will be people to which you actually are like-minded towards. A relationship should be developed on trust. Otherwise, there is legitimately no point to it in the first place. Eventually one person find out the other persons secrets, lies, affairs or whatever they have been keeping from their counter-part.


It’s absurd to think we need to go online. People aren’t people online. They are key-board worriers. Complete waste of spaces. There’s no point to it. I mean sure, there is a general exception to every rule. Although, to be perfectly honest, the vast majority of those relationships are founded on falseness, insecurities and blind raw lust.


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