But Nothing

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"Im never going to leave you" "ill always be there for you" When you here here something you learned could be a lie you will never belive the truth, or see it comeing

Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: October 09, 2016



Red paint 

Written on walls my own skin wishing to fall

Took the knife 

That you stabbed me in the back
Slashed your throat 
forgotten the facts 
but remembering my dreams are coming back
You left me with peaces
But i'm use to that
But this shattered peace 
Just brings your memory back
I didn't look down
Just keep following your voice
Now it's all around
The words of my choice
I fell from words 
The ones made up
But before I fell this time 
you're the one that picked me up.
But again I saw the letters beneath
They read with the voices
“They all leave”
You see I couldn't believe
You promised you would stay
But just like them you gone away
You were just another lesion to prove no one can see past the reflection.
I just didn’t look down
Just wanted to hear your voice
Now I see
This pain was my choice
Im Just wishing to forget 
A friend you rejected 
Me just a memory 
And you my own illusion suffering
I know to you 
To everyone else
That i'm not anything
but nothing

© Copyright 2017 Ava Marie Degadoi . All rights reserved.

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