Letter to my past

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Sometimes, we wish we could speak to our younger self and tell it what we've been through

Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: October 09, 2016



Hey there what's up, how has it been with you stuck in my head. I know its been years we spoke. Damn its been a fucking long time. I know I have dissapointed you, gone against your will, and I am hardly what you wished us to be. But com'on you were only a kid and you didn't understand life. You didn't know what it is to be a teen. Like you never knew anything called teen all you thought was age 9 to 25, (laughs) it aint that easy son. I know you always wanted to be a geaographer, even though you draw and writer but you never it would be your most. And am sure you'll be like "Damn" when. I started cinematogrpahy and acting after I shot a couple of videos. But really I am facing a lot, temptations, complications, and seriously girls aint what you think they are. Still dealing with the stuffs I started myself, not your fault though but am gonna fix it. I know thinking about you is the only things that keeps me serious, but I've got ways to get me straight. That reminds me that girl that you always liked, you're now 12 years older than her even though you were the same age before your death. I'll never forget you know that but I can always be there for you. I have to find my own path and do what I think is right, but I promise I'll always keep you informed. And am Doe Bades that is the most important thing. Till whenever dawg, I love you..

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