The World as it is (Attempt No 472)

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Part 1, or a 4 part short story.
Have you ever wonder how our world came about? If there is a parallel world against ours? What if this world is just a test run to see if "The perfect world" can be achieved? Enjoy this short story, depicting one of the few theories of how we came about, our function, and where we are heading.

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Authors Note:

In case, some may not know what does deviation mean, in layman terms for this story, deviation is the difference between what is expected (The perfect world) and the current situation (The Current world).

Zero Deviation basically means the expected outcome and the real outcome is finally the same.

Hope you all enjoyed this short story. It's my first time writing a Sci-fi kinda story.

Do provide feedback on my descriptive writing style, or anything in particular. Still trying to improve in that part.


Where do we come from? Where are we going?

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

The clock shows 7.15am.

As I devour my breakfast at my own sweet time, I increase the volume of my stereo. There is no need to rush, as I'll make it on time. There's no need to worry about disturbing my neighbors, as there are none.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

My watch shows 7.45am

After putting on my shoes, I push open my apartment room door. There is no need to wear my scarf yet, as the four seasons do not apply here. I close the door and head towards the elevator. There is no need to lock the door, as the room will be occupied later. The elevator door opens and I press one of the only two buttons available…'L' for Lobby. There is no need to place any other buttons, as I live on the 14th floor.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

The screen shows 7.55am

I am standing in the middle of the road. My ears hear nothing but the sound of my own footsteps, as there is no one on the streets. My eyes are staring at the screen of my phone, wondering what time it is. Noticing how fast time has fly, I quickly make my way to the 4-way intersection just in front of me. As expected, there is no one there.

I stare up into the gray, cloudy sky…hoping to see a bird fly by. Finally convinced that there are no birds here as well, I look back down and take out my scarf. As I am wearing my scarf, I look at the watch on my left hand, counting down until the faithful moment.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

My watch shows 7.59am.

I close my eyes and start counting down the last 60 seconds.

The moment both worlds meet.

30 seconds…I hear a vague sound in the distant…

15 seconds…The sound grows louder…the sound of footsteps.

10 seconds…Chattering of people around me, yet I can't make up what they are saying.

5 seconds…my head starts to feel heavy and all the sounds are suddenly amplified in my mind.

3 seconds…for a moment, I lose conscious.

2 seconds...1 second….

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

It is 8.00am.

A strong autumn breeze hits my face unexpectedly, and I lose my balance. I bump into someone behind me. I quickly turn around and apologize while bowing my head slightly. The man simply nods and continues to look in front. Seeing that I have not offended him, I turn my face back to the intersection and wait for the crossing light to turn green. As the light finally turns green a minute later, everyone from all four intersections start to cross the road, everyone trying to make their way to their respective destination.

I too start to cross the road, making my way to the school. Just then, another autumn breeze blows in my direction, signifying the near-end of fall, and the beginning of winter.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

The clock shows 8.30am.

Since classes do not start until 9.00am, I decide to take a walk around my school. The cold weather hints to me that it is not worth walking around, best stay in my classroom until homeroom starts. However, I ignore such sensation, since I can't remain here until the end of the make full use of all the time that I have. With that, I make my way towards the field behind my school. If I am lucky, I can see some girls there…a smile comes on my face.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

The clock shows 12.45pm.

It is lunch time. Since I did not pack any lunch to school, I decide to make my way towards the cafeteria to grab myself a hot bowl of noodles soup. One of my male classmates taps me on the shoulder as I was about to walk down the stairs, and asks me if I wish to join them for lunch. He says that he needs some 'test subjects' to try out his new recipe. I jokingly say to him that he'll have to pay my hospital fees if anything happens. He laughs and punches me lightly on my left shoulder, promising that he'll pay for my funeral if anything happens. Luckily, he did not have to pay anything…but my class was the class with the most students going to the toilet after lunch. My friend and was called to the principal's office by the end of the day.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

The clock shows 4.00pm

School has ended. Most of the students are preparing themselves for their various club activities. Students who are not in any club are making their way home. Since I did not join any club, I'm rather free for another hour. Quickly, I make my way to the library. The usual librarian would be sitting at the counter, reading whatever that fancies her. Today, she is reading a love novel. I know…because I can see a big love shape at the front page. I'm not a big fan of love stories, since that incident.

As I pass by the counter, I take out the book I borrowed the other day and place it on the counter. The librarian lifts her head and looks at me. Noticing that it was me, she simply takes my book and places it at her left, and continues reading. In a way, this is our non-verbal communication. I have been borrowing books from the library since my first day here, so the librarian trusts me. I turn around and walk towards the book shelves, glancing through various sections as I look for a new book to borrow.

The book I choose is a novel titled 'The forgotten flower'. For some reason, that novel reminded me of the incident, the time where I caused a living being to disappear. Before I can get all emotional, I take down the book and quickly make my way to the counter. The librarian puts down her novel and extends her hand to receive my book. She looks at the front page and simply makes a sound with her throat, as if she is clearing a flam in her throat. What she is trying to say is that 'The book does not suite me' but I do not care…I can't run away forever.

She hands me back the book and I place it into my bag. I make my way towards the exit while the librarian continues to read her book. Sometimes, I would ask her about the book she is reading but since I have no interest in her book this round, that was all the conversation we had for today.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

My watch shows 4.45pm.

As I am making my way back to the apartment, I saw an ice cream stand beside a park. Thinking back, I recall of one of my classmate talking about a really good ice cream stand beside a park. Since the weather outside is cold, there are not much people at the ice cream stand. So, I went up and bought myself a single scoop. The man was feeling rather generous, and gave me a double scoop with toppings of my choice, for the price of a single scoop. I thank the old man and walk towards the park. I sat down on one of the benches and enjoy my ice cream. Since winter is almost here, the cold weather and the chilling air seem to make my ice cream less appealing. Feeling disappointed, I made a promise to myself that I would try it again during summer.

Just then, a round object flies in my direction, narrowly hitting me. It is a football that some of the kids were playing with at the middle of the park. One of the boys runs towards me. With the ice cream in my left hand, I pick up the football with my right hand, and throw it towards the direction of the boy. The boy hits it with his right knee, than catches it with both hands. He thanks me and runs back to his friends. As I am watching the group of boys playing football, my vision starts to become blurry.

Knowing that it is time, I close my eyes and hold the ice cream with both my hands, to make sure that I do not drop it. My hearing start to ring and all the sounds around me starts to become louder, then softer, then louder once more, repeating again and again. As usual, for a moment, everything is silent…for I have lost conscious. From then on, there won't be any more sound.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

It is 5.00pm.

The park is now silent. The boys are no longer over there playing football. The wind is no longer blowing on my face. It looks like I have returned here again. I look at my hand…the ice cream is still there. At least I was able to take the ice cream back with me. I get up from the bench and leave the silent park behind me. I notice that the ice cream stand is still there but the man is not there.

Sighing, I gobble down the remainder of my ice cream and start to walk back towards my apartment. I make a stop by a convenience store on my way back to grab my dinner. 'Ring, Ding' and the double door slides open. I walk into the empty store and take one of the baskets on my left. At the food section, I grab one of those lunch packed sets and place it into my basket. I then make my way towards the snack section and take some chocolate and biscuits, in case I get hungry later tonight.

After getting some drinks at the end, I make my way towards the counter. There, I pack the items that I took into some plastic bags that were located behind the counter. Once I'm done, I return the basket back to its original place and walk out of the store with my items. There is no need to pay, since there is no one there to receive it. I stop for a moment outside the store, remembering something. Placing the plastic bags on the floor, I walk back into the store…and came out with a magazine. It's the latest volume after all…wouldn't want to miss it.

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*

My watch shows 5.45pm.

The elevator to my apartment finally arrives, and I walk into it. Using my index finger, I press one of the only two buttons available, '14' for 14th floor. As the elevator slowly makes its way to its destination, I try to recall if I had forgotten anything. Convince that I forgot nothing, the elevator doors open, and I walk towards my room. Once I reach my room, I use my left leg and kick the door. Once…Twice…Trice.

Not a sound…

I wait for a whole minute, and then kick the door three times again. After another 10 seconds, the door finally opens. In front of me is a man in his late twenties, wearing a light blue pajamas. His black hair is all curled up, like fried noodles on a plate. He stands a head taller than me. He helps me with my plastic bag and apologizes for not coming to the door quickly…as he was in the toilet.

He places the bags on the dining table and stares at them for a second. Knowing what he is thinking, I ask him if there is a problem. He simply takes out the magazine that I took and say that it is ok… "This deviation can be solved without much problem."

Glad with his answer, I take out the food that I bought and start to arrange them in the fridge. The man places the magazine on the table and tells me not to throw it away; he wants to read it when he gets back. He then makes his way to the bed room. I close the fridge door and take the magazine to the living room. Just then, the man walks into the room, already dressed for work. His is wearing a white long sleeve shirt inside and his white lab coat on the outside. His hair is now combed neatly, with no facial hair on his face.

He walks towards the table and grabs his briefcase. He then tells me that tomorrow's Connection would be same as today…at 8am. I nod and continue to read the magazine. Again, the man reminds me not to throw away the magazine, and I say that I'll get two copies next time if he wants. The man agrees and makes his way to the door. As I flip to the next page of the magazine, I remember of a question I wanted to ask the man. Quickly, I run towards the main door, just in time to stop the man…he was half way to the elevator. I ask him how things are going…how the world is doing.

He says that the deviation is slowly decreasing… "It is making its way to zero deviation"

I ask him if this world…if the 'world after the present' is needed.

He simply smiles at me and say, "A backup is always needed. Until the day zero deviation is achieved, You…and This World…will always be needed"

The elevator doors open and he walks in. As usual I would ask him the same three questions, and he would give me the same three answers.

Where do we come from… "The world with Zero Deviation"

What am I… "You are the link between the 'testing' world, and the 'backup' world"

Where are we going…"To where we started…the world with Zero Deviation"

The elevator door closes, and I am once more, left alone…in this empty world.

© Copyright 2018 ~Skyle~. All rights reserved.

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