The World as it is (Attempt No 248)

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Part 2 of a 4 part short story.
Have you ever wonder how our world came about? If there is a parallel world against ours? What if this world is just a test run to see if "The perfect world" can be achieved? Enjoy this short story, depicting one of the few theories of how we came about, our function, and where we are heading.

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Life is like a computer – The bitter truth.

"That is all. Any questions?" the man asks me before taking a sip of hot tea from his cup. Judging by the way he is looking at me, I can guess what kind of facial expression my face is showing. I mean, anyone who was just told of the true meaning behind the existence of the world, would have the same expression as me. For now, my mind is working to its maximum, trying to digest what I had just heard. The man notices my predicament, and picks up a magazine to read, while I sort out my thinking.

There are two worlds existing at the same time…the 'Present world' and the 'World after the Present'. These two worlds are man-made, by a group of people, who I call them 'The Scientist'. The man who just told me everything is one of them. They are trying to create a world with Zero Deviation…I'm guessing 'the perfect world'. He says that humanity was once from the world with Zero Deviation. However, through mankind's own personal actions, the world fell into chaos.

Now, the scientists are trying to go back…to the original world without any deviation. To do this, they created two worlds, the 'Present world' as the Testing World…and the 'world after the Present' as the Backup World. The Testing World is the world where all living beings are going by their everyday life…the current world. The scientists run this world as an experiment, to see if they can bring it to Zero Deviation. They make small alterations to the world…to try and make sure that the world makes it to Zero Deviation.

However, not everything goes smoothly. According to the man, the current world is the 248th attempt they have tried to reach Zero Deviation. Every time a Test World deviates too much that it become impossible to alter, the scientist would recreate the world. That is when the Backup World is used. A Backup World is a world made just like the Testing World. However, there are no living beings staying in the Backup World.

The Scientists would take all the data from the Backup World and use it to reload the Test World…to the state before the deviation became too significant. To do so, they need link, a bridge to help transfer the data among both worlds. That link is me, a being created to travel between both worlds at selected intervals. According to the man, my job as a link is to travel to the Test World daily at 8.00am where my body would automatically collect the newest data created. At the end of the day, I will travel back to the Backup World at 5.00pm, where the new data will be store and updated.

The man puts down the magazine, coughs twice, and takes another sip of his tea, signaling that I should wrap up whatever that is in my mind.

"In other words…" I start, "The world that we live in is something like a computer?"

"Yes" the man replies, without the need to think. "Until the day Zero Deviation is achieved, the world that we live in shall be nothing more but a computer, running its program, try-and-error, to find the solution that we seek."

Before I can ask him another question, the man stands up.

"That's it for today. I've told what was needed." and hands me a few sheets of paper. "In these papers illustrates the general job specifications that you have to do as a link. Try to remember them, as well as the personal actions that can cause the deviation to increase."

He stands up and walks towards the door, "If there is anything else that you wish to ask me, I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon. Just a reminder, tomorrow's connection would be at 8.00 am. Feel free to walk around the city, or just stay in this apartment…either way works, since tomorrow is a weekend."

"Wait!" I scream at the man before he could open the main door of my apartment. "So…what am I? Am I nothing more but a link for both worlds? Am I human? I mean...I do look like a human. Am I nothing more but an AI created by you all? What would be of me once the world reaches Zero Deviation?!"

The man sighs as he opens the door, "I'll be frank with you…" and turns around to look at me, with a smile on his face, "You are an AI, created to be the link between both worlds. To us Scientist, you are of no importance and yet the most important cork in this entire program. If we want, we can always rewrite your program and make you an emotionless being, travelling both worlds everyday…without any goal in mind."

And so the cruel truth is out…I am nothing more but AI…an 'Artificial Intelligence'. I am not even human…just some program created by The Scientists. The man continues, "But we are not that heartless. We gave you emotions, to be a self-thought AI that can make its own decisions without the need to follow orders…to experience the world as it is. Isn't that more than enough…for what a mere AI can wish for?"

"Here's one more info for you, since you've already hear the bitter truth" the man says as he closes the door behind him, "Once Zero Deviation is achieved, both You and the Backup World shall no longer be needed. When that time comes, feel free to thank us, for we shall free you from this lonely solitude of hell." and the door closes.

Today, I woke up in this grey, silent world…alone with not another living being here. That same day, I learn the truth behind how our world operates, where do we come from, and where we are going. Finally, I learn that I am an AI…of how insignificant in am in the eyes of my creators, and what will happen to me at the end of this entire experiment. Is this kind of life worth living? I suppose it is…I'm only an AI after all…

Authors note:

Thank you for reading the 2nd chapter of this short story. I hope this chapter helps all of you to have a more detail view of how the world works in this story.

As usual, if there is any part that is confusing, or needs more explanation, please tell me. Feedback, both negative and positive, is always appreciated.


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