The Amazon Warriors among the Circassians

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Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



The Amazon Warriors amongst the Circassins


“Long ago a nation of female warriors, Amazons they were known, ferocious and mighty they were, harsh and merciless hearts their chests contained, their spears missed no target, their bodies hard as steel, they used to cut and burn their right breast, and spared no life for men. During their annual journey into the Sea of Gagarin, these female warriors landed on shore, attacking and fighting the Narts like thunder, slaying the giants and turning them into dust. The battle lasted many suns and moons until a call for truce ceased the battle. Leader of the Amazon warriors Sana assembled with a Nart warrior, and against Amazon norm, she intensely fell in love with him, as he equally loved her back. Concealing the truth of their emotions, the pair used to meet in secret. Despite their pledge to peace, a riot raged and both armies clashed in a brutal battle. In the muster heat of the fight, great Amazon warrior Sana dressed in full armour, had mistaken her beloved, for another, and in a spur of a moment stabbed his heart with her spear, the vulnerable spot where all the love for Sana rested.  Finding out tardily that it was he her beloved. Sana was devastated, she fell to her knees by his corpse, and unable to live with her grief she too pierced herself and withered. Their blood burst into a water spring and it was named after them, NartSana water springs.


*NartSana is located in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria

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