Don't Judge Its Bullying

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Please don't judge it is not right.

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



How many people do you know judge? People judge because their distrustful, for example people get bully, it's because they are different and they are envious of them.  I know you do not believe this but I had many people tell me that and actually the bullying did not bother me that much anymore. Everyone is different, there is no one that is the same as someone else we are all different in our own way.  People are creative because it, just like us writers were all different ,yes we might have something in common but we all right different things, that is just like everyone else in the world.  Next time someone judge tell them to think about it and ask them if they were once bullied and how they felt about it.when you Jude it makes me upset they tend to cry and maybe self harm, i know you would not care about that but picture yourself emo have the dark black hair  and dress black with black makeup. Some people might not hang out with you because they might be afraid or they probably experience that you self harm. This is just an example. I am not judge mental I think that if someone talk to me I should say hi and walk away but do not talk to them because of your afraid or you heard rumors about them. Remember nothing is true until you see it for yourself. When you judge it is making that person have really bad drepression and could self-harm. Think postitive like saying like you shirt, you look gorgouse today. It makes them feel good even youself. Stop thinking negitive. Foucs on yourself. When you think positive good things will come to you 



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