Spinney Creek Crazies

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Just a little humor geared toward Halloween.

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Down by Spinney Creek

Lives a real crazy freak

Known a Saw-tooth Jones.

He only comes out at night

And is a sickening sight,

He is nothing but skin and bones.


They say that his Pappy

Was a tad Slap-happy

And his Mom was crazy as a Lune,

But the rest of the clan

Were as sane as many man

Under --- an ordinary moon.


But GOD help us all

When they heard the wolves call

And saw the full-moon rise,

High in the sky

Like a Cyclops eye

Decked in a lunar disguise.


Then they all grew hair

And fangs out to there,

Tools for this Ware-wolf clan

To do their worst

In a lightning fast burst

Upon the innocent victims at hand.


But Saw-tooth was the one

Under their gun,

For looks can be deceiving,

And the people in the towns

Called out the hounds

To hunt down the cause for grieving.


Well, Sawtooth ran

As would any man

He was sure the hounds would follow

But the hounds passed him by

Under the full-moon sky

And cornered all the rest, in the Hollow.


Now there is peace, for gosh sake,

They were burned at the stake,

All the brother and sisters of Sawtooth.

And full moons are now quiet,

On a meatless diet,

But they don't know the actual truth.


It was late in the night

I saw an interesting sight,

I saw Saw-tooth fly away.

He changed into a bat,

Now fancy that.

I admit, he looked better that way.



D. Thurmond / JEF


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