Dredging Up The 90's

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Living in the past, not the future

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Bill Clinton had many many affairs, yeah, like we'd forgotten? Last time I looked, Bill's not on the ballet, Hillary is, and attacking those women was her natural reaction for someone who would, I would hope, defend her husband against what she thought was another attempt to get benefit from his celebrity. True, I wasn't there, but neither were the millions of Republicans who are now screaming for blood. Besides, what does Bill's actions in the 90's have to do with Trump's vision for America? 


Anyone who is blinded enough by partisanship to not see that Trump's floundering in rage, and has no realistic ideas for fixing anything, must have the world's biggest set of blinders on. I think it was a desperate attempt by Trump to deflect the attention away from what are his indefensible sexist comments. 'Locker room' talk, or not, it shouldn't have been said. Trump claims that he's a different man than he was eleven years ago, but his comments much more recently give lie to that statement, calling some women 'disgusting pigs," "with blood coming out of their, wherever," etc. 


No, what you see, is what you get with him, and I truly feel sorry for anyone who expects this leopard to change his spots, you're going to be waiting a LONG time. And I don't understand what The Republican Party expected to happen when the chained themselves to 'The Human Titanic,' who was bound to be sunk by a self-inflicted iceberg!



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