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INTRODUCTION Obajana is a kingdom situated in the northern hemisphere of the equatorial Savannah region. Obajana is well blessed with much of solid minerals such as lime stone, ceramics and a green land for farming. Obajana kingdom is surrounded by mountains and green habitats which make a beautiful area view. Obajana is a town in the Western senatorial district of kogi state Nigeria.

BRIEF HISTORY ESTABLISHMENT OF OBAJANA. More often said than not,the story of how obajana was established have caused controversies there are different and conflicting accounts from different sectors of the community. Obajana came in to existence some hundreds years ago, and was established by a great hunter/father OGUNJAMI who was the son of (MOHERIN) was said to have opted to leave his home (Apata Ipatun) due to the protection of their father's land. And because of the love the great OGUNJAMI had for his wife, So he opted to leave his dear home (Apata Ipatun) To settled with his wife in "Iwominrin" Known as den of leopard in English,Where today known as Obajana. He was said to have started his farming and his hunter occupation because the land was said to have been a fertile and productive land for farming, the communities around "Iwomirin" now Obajana said to have seen how productive the land is because of the abundant food the land so, some of his friend in other communities around him opted to go to him and beg for farming land before eventually settled with him. And it was said that they were by then living with the ominrin being who fed on both animal and human then in those days. But the Apex hunter/father OGUNJAMI was said to have battled with those being and see off the ominrin out of his land. Now today Obajana the home of food.

CLANS AND HIERARCHY It is pertinent to note that Obajana kingdom is having only one clan. The founding father Oba OGUNJAMI automatically maintain supremacy over the whole of his kingdom during his lifetime. Not much have changed in the traditional hierarchy of Obajana kingdom. As though there were some regents! that emerged then in those days after the founding father has departed to join his ancestors. It was said that there was no ruler in the kingdom after the demise of the founding father of Obajana, and  the community agrees to have a regent that will rule them pending the time the true sons of Ogunjami will grow to inherit their father's throne. Chief among them the regents is PA IDAKOSU . He was happened to be a friend to OGUNJAMI the funding father, after which he looked after the community as REGENT he passed away. Then come other Regents which their names will not be mention here due to some reasons!. When the sons grow older they inherited back their father's throne and there was No more regents. Worthy of note is obajana operate only one traditional ruling system which started from the founding father OGUNJAMI and the sons that descend from him till eternity.

.TRADITIONAL TITLES Obajana traditional titles are classified into three groups (i.e the 1 gemo, 2 the orota, 3 the bajana . Igemo:- people who are bestowed with igemo titles are referred to as red cap chiefs because the igemo title holders wear small red caps called "odi" in obajana. All chiefs are accorded high level of respect by the people of the community. The igemo however are like the lower chamber in the traditional council of Obajana kingdom. 2 Orota :- these set of chiefs are above the igemo chiefs in pecking order as the boast of two traditional titles each, they wear longer red caps than the igemo to show their supremacy . 3 the bajana :- the Oba is the bearer of the bajana title which means "owners of the town. He is all superior and saddled with the responsibility of bestowing titles to all his chiefs both igemo and orota, his supremacy can never be questioned.

LANGUAGE The indigenous dialect of Obajana people is referred to as oworo, this oworo is subdivided of okun and Yoruba language  as a result of this obajana people speak the general Yoruba language. However, civilization has altered the oworo language in some ways as very few indigenous of Obajana can speak the indigenous oworo, these days what we have now is a concatenation of oworo and general Yoruba dialect.

CULTURAL/FESTIVAL There are many festival celebrated in Obajana but only few are very popular they are:

1. Egun festival

.2 New yam festival

3. Agberufo/ Omigbotu and Ako festival.

5. Obajana day, which are celebrated every 1st Saturday December of every year.


Good morning- kouro

Good afternoon- kohun

Good night - odooro

Weldon - kose

Welcome - kabo

Thank you - Adupe

Till then - odikorin

How are you - oya lafia 

What do you say - korose

Come and eat - biya jeun

Pot - isa

Slippers - Eda

Yes - eh or beko .

ENTERTAINMENT In the past Obajana have their ways of catching fun they are

 i. Ayo tita

ii. Erin pankasi

iii. Ijo agbelege.

FOOD Obajana have their own delicious native food such as:

i. Akara papa

ii. Akara elepo

iii. Obe tankelekan

iv. Ora

v. Agidigba

vi. Ehuru etc.

HISTORY AND PAST EVENT History has it that the white men were terrorizing the old (Iwomirin) village in the name of their slave trade, that often time they invaded the community the people often run to the mountain top for survival while their attackers are chased after them. The great father OGUNJAMI was said to have sought diabolical and his bow/arrow to combat the invaders. One fateful day the invaders came as usual to carry people for slave trade, as they were chasing Obajana people up to the mountain top, then the great father OGUNJAMI was said to have appeared on the mountain before them the invaders, as he shuttered one arrow ten men was said to have fell down and died two arrows twenty me fell and died that was how he killed all of them with his bow and arrows, and that was how slave trade was stopped in Iwomirin land popularly known as Obajana today the home of food.


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