Dreams Are Worth More

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Hi!! This is my first story! I hope you like it!!

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Eight years ago if someone told me I couldn't do it because of my color, I probably would have believed them.

Twelve years ago, 7th grade, Cascade Middle School: I was walking to the office to get my new schedule, when Mia Woods, my best friend, came running up to me.

“Maya, Maya!” she yelled. Being so shy when I was younger, it made me nervous when people yelled my name.

“I saw your new schedule and guess what,” she said excitedly.

“What, Mia?”

“You have choir!” she screamed. I didn't say anything. I ran up to the office, found my new schedule and wow! I really did have choir. I had a huge dream that spoke quieter than whispers. Maybe this was the chance to actually hear it. I was lying to myself.

When I got to choir, I was so nervous. I was the only colored kid there. Mia and I were only 2/4 of the colored kids in the 7th grade. It was scary, but Mia and I always stuck together.

When I picked my seat in the very back, I sat my stuff on the desk. Then comes some white girl. She walked up to me, knocked my stuff off my desk, and whispered in my ear, “You don't belong here.” When things like that happened, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide from everything. It was the worst feeling ever.

15 years old, 10th grade, Auburn High School: It was the first day of the second semester. I was walking to the bus zone to meet Mia like I've always done when a whole group of white kids stood in front of me. I asked them to move politely, but then one of the girls comes closer and pushes me to the ground.

“Can you please stop?” I asked in a whisper. All they did was laugh. There it was, that feeling. I hated when this stuff happened. But then came Mia. She pushed the girl away from me, grabbed me, and got me out of there.

That night, I spent the night at Mia’s house. We were in her room listening to music off her phone. I was getting really into the song, I was so into it I didn't even notice Mia turned the music down. When I finished the very last lyric, I noticed she turned it down.

“Really?” I said. It wasn't very surprising. When we were younger she did that all the time.

“I've heard you sing so many times, does it even matter?” she asked.

“It makes me really nervous,” I told her.

20 years old:

My name’s Maya Hart. From my experience, every dream comes with a challenge. You'll never get where you want if you back down. No matter what the challenge is, if you always give everything your all, you'll overcome the challenges.The color of your skin doesn't matter. Your dream is yours for a reason, own it.

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