Doing The Week

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Monday

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Submitted: October 11, 2016




Timothy Hadler, wearing a loose training pants and a hoodie, throws himself down on his bed, exhausted after his training exercise. He glances briefly at his most recent gold medal hanging among all the other medals and trophies on his commode.
His phone chimes, as it very often does, and sees he has 141 unread messages. This was not uncommon for him. He briefly skims through them before discarding them. They were mostly from unknown girls he had long since ignored and had no interest in pursuing. There is a strong urge to throw the phone out the window. He lies himself flat on the bed to rest his eyes. One might think being adored by every girl would make you happy and excited. Although Timothy had sex whenever he wanted, with whoever he wanted, he never fell in love, or had any connection with any of them. Whenever he would have sex with a new girl, they would become even more obsessed than ever, practically mad and would not leave him alone. All the girls treated him like a god and this bizarrely skewed relationship made him feel uneasy. He never met someone who did not think he was far superior to them, someone who made him feel like they were both of equal worth and whom he adored as much as she adored him.
His mind quickly wanders away from girls, and on to bigger things that are unfolding in his life right now. His most recent gold medal was in fact from the Olympic Gymnastics Test Event. Meaning he was competing in the Olympics next year.
Timothy, had become somewhat of a sensation in the world of gymnastics, for he was in fact not like most gymnasts. He was a spectacular 6 feet, 5 inches tall, quite the contrast to his other competitors.
Seeing him perform was a true sight to behold. Even the shorter athletes struggled keeping their balance and posture while performing on the pummel horse, but not Timothy. He remained steady as a mountain. Timothy was a true sight to behold, he had a ridiculously ripped God-like body and his facial features were equally breathtaking. A brief gaze at him would be enough to say he was the most sexy man you had ever met. This naturally made him the obsession of every girl around him, causing, what trainers called, "a new uprising interest of gymnastics in today's youth".
However, it was not only his gifted physique that made every girl shiver in excitement by the mere thought of him, it was also his personality. Anyone who had met Timothy would not hesitate in describing him as the most confident man they had come across. He had this intense aura of confidence, superiority and was generally larger than life.

The Olympic Test Event was televised and had drawn a lot of peoples attention towards him. There were many a viewer who's jaw dropped when they saw him and the big thick bulging silhouette going along the side of his thigh. In the past he had tried hiding his plentiful attributes, but quickly gave up this futile project. Timothy had long since stopped letting such trivial self-conscious things affect him. All his attention and energy now went to becoming the best at his sport. He was determined to become an Olympic Champion. The best in the world.
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the loud high-pitched shout from his mother: "Tim! Dinner!"
Although this is the only few weeks in the year he has any sort of vacation, he chooses to spend it at home with his mother. She is a single mom, living by herself in a big house. It is a large old mansion with a massive garden. They don't have any neighbors as the property is far away from anyone else. It was a quiet comfortable and isolated place. Timothy feels sad about her being alone at home all the time, especially in this big house of theirs. However, she had recently started dating someone. It was the first time she's been involved with another man since his dad died. The man lives in another city and has only met Timothy's mother a few of times. Apparently he is a professor in biology of some sort. Timothy is just overjoyed that she has found someone to keep her company. Although he has not yet met his potential new stepfather, he only hopes he will be a decent man that can make her happy.

Timothy walks in to the kitchen. Pancakes. As he walks by his mother one notices the tremendous difference in size between the two. The slim fragile mother at 5'2" next to her muscular 6'5" tall son. A peculiar sight to behold.
"Morning, Tim. How's my favorite Olympic Champion?" Timothy's mother says with a big bright smile.
"Morning, Mom. It's still a bit early to call me an Olympic Champion," he answer cheerfully.
Timothy sits down by the table and starts helping himself with the warm, delicious stack.

"Oh, it's as good as yours. No one can beat my boy!" she says as a matter of fact.
Timothy chuckles and takes a bite.
"I just can't believe that my boy is competing in the Olympics! No doubt you'll win!," she says proudly.
"I can't loose when I have the support of such a great fan like you, mom," he says merrily.
His mom laughs with a great smile on her face. There's a moment of silence and her smile fades noticeably.
"You remember I mentioned that Albert is coming to town today?" his mother says as she fiddles with her pans by the stove.

"Oh, was that today already?" Timothy mumbles as he gulps down an entire pancake.
"Yes, actually he'll be staying with us for a week or two. I hope you're okay with that," she says a bit nervously.
For as long as Timothy can remember his mother had struggled with a tendency to get overly anxious over minor things.

"Yes, of course. I'm sure we'll all have a good time," Timothy says as he smiles reassuring to his mother.
"Good, I think so too. By the way, I forgot to mention; his daughter is coming with him to stay also."
Timothy stops eating.
"His daughter?", he says a bit confused.

"Yes, didn't I mention he had a daughter?"
"No, pretty sure you didn't."
"Well, she'll be staying in the guest room next to you. I hope you'll be able to keep her company while she's here," she says cheerfully.
"Oh, okay. Yeah, sure," Timothy says with a slight tone of skepticism.
"She's a couple years younger than you I believe. I think you'll get along just fine," she says merrily.
"Yes...I'm sure we will," Timothy says hesitantly before he devours another pancake.
The news of his potential step-sister coming over made him considerably more nervous for the week to come. He always felt sort of awkward whenever he was more or less forced to make friends with the kids of his mothers acquaintances.
Although with reserved anticipations, he still thought he could have some luck and actually have a fun time. She could be really cool and even if she was not he'd still make the best out of it.
A couple hours later Timothy finds himself practicing gymnastics in the garden as it is an extraordinary sunny and lovely day. It is unbearably hot today so Timothy is doing his exercise only in his boxers. After a series of graceful back flips, front flips, tumbles and various other gymnastic moves, his attention is drawn towards a massive camper van driving up the driveway before disappearing behind the house. His mother opens the porch door.
"Tim! They're here," she shouts before she walks back in to the house.
"Already? Shit," Timothy thinks to himself.
Timothy is struck by a slight wave of nervousness, which is not something he experiences often. Although he is one peace of cloth from being naked, he is not the slightest embarrassed of his body. Why would he? When you have an athletes body one is rarely ashamed of it, so he is not.
He thinks to himself that he should probably get a bit more presentable though before he meets their visitor. As he walks up on the porch towards the door, he is unfortunately stopped before he can get in the house. The porch door opens and a very slender man in his 50's appears.
"Good day. You must be Timothy. My name is professor Albert Coddlesworth. How do you do?" he says while smiling warmly at him. "Fine, thanks. Nice to meet you," Timothy responds as they shake hands.

It is quite a peculiar man standing before Timothy. A thin fellow with chaotic gray hair, a big gray mustache and wrinkly leathery skin. On the very tip of his nose there rested a pair of round gold-rimmed glasses. He was wearing a faintly green tweed jacked and very much looked like your typical eccentric scientist.
Albert adjusts his glasses as he glances upon Timothy's ripped muscular body. The sweat running down all over his body glistens in the sun.
"My, oh my. You really are quite the specimen aren't you?" he says gleefully.
Timothy, a bit weirded out by this new acquaintance who is now sizing him up and down, awkwardly responds as best he can, "Oh, I don't know. I guess so."
"Don't be modest. Your physique is quite extraordinary!"
"Thanks," Timothy replies in a short burst. The professor has a brief, self reflecting moment.
"Pardon me for being so unabashed and rude. Sometimes the biologist in me trumps my manners," he says apologetically.
Timothy reacts to the strange man with a cheery chuckle.
"Don't worry about it. Totally fine," Timothy says reassuringly.

"It's just that I can get carried away when observing prime examples of good anatomy."
"Gee. That's quite the compliment. I spend most of my time exercising. I have to stay in good shape if I want to be the best. A lot of people do the same as me."
"But there aren't a lot of people like you. You are unique. Truly magnificent!" Albert says yet again with the behavior he just moments ago apologized for.
Timothy begins to find this conversation somewhat tiresome.
"I don't know about th..." Timothy is suddenly unable to speak. He is completely dumbstruck by the girl that is now walking out of the porch door behind the professor. As she walks into the sun she lights up and produces an image for Timothy that he has never before witnessed and even fails to comprehend. This girl was the most beautiful, sexy girl he had ever laid his eyes on. And that's saying quite a bit. Not only was she ridiculously hot, she was absolutely adorable too. She was a petite girl with features which would greatly exceed the highest standards. Although her body was small and lean, she had the most amazing breasts. They were big, not freakishly big, but of considerable size. Like Timothy, she wasn't wearing much. A pink peace of clothing were covering her breasts in such a tight manner that it looked like it was just about to rip itself apart and burst open. Her midriff was completely bare revealing the most amazing tummy. You could tell she worked out. Lean and tight. This girl was fit. The only other piece of clothing was an extremely short jean shorts that barely even covered her ass. Oh, and what an ass it was. Simply perfect. The most juicy peach that was just begging for someone to take a bite of.

Never before had Timothy witnessed such a girl of complete and utter perfection. She had blond angel-like hair and her face was so insanely pretty and cute.
She looks up at him with her big blue eyes and reaches out her hand for a handshake.
"Hi, I'm Jen", she says in a soft sensual voice. As she smiles her beauty blossoms to the unfathomable and Timothy can not remember ever seeing a more beautiful thing in his entire life. It takes a couple of seconds too long for Timothy to shake off his sudden trance-like state.
"Eh...oh..hi, I'm Timothy. Nice to meet you," Timothy replies awkwardly and shakes her hand. Her skin was so soft. Jen’s eyes tilts up and down as she gives Timothy's muscular body a good stare, resting a few seconds on his sweaty, glistening, huge chest and rock hard eight-pack. She briefly parts her voluptuous lips as she lets out a quiet gasp. However subtle, Timothy still noticed it.
"A pleasure to meet you Timothy," she giggles with an insanely charming smirk. Their eyes are transfixed on each other.

"I see everyone's gotten to know each other," Timothy's mom says as she joins the gathering. Timothy breaks away from his transfixed gaze on Jen and blush in embarrassment as he realizes their stare contest must have been noticeable.
"Let's not be standing out here all day. Dinner's almost ready", his mother says.
"And Tim, for God's sake puts some trousers on!"
A shiver goes through his body as he is reminded of this embarrassing fact. As noted Timothy is never shameful of his body, but he did feel that only wearing boxers weren't exactly the best wear for first impressions.
After a quick shower and a decent clothing, he joins the others at the dinner table. Timothy sits opposite of Jen across the table. He can't help himself to look at her. She smiles ever so sweetly. They start eating lasagna and the primary conversation drivers are, as expected, the professor and Timothy's mother. Timothy and Jen are rather quiet as they give each other brief blushing looks.
The professor fires up a conversation.
"So Timothy, how is the practice going?"

"Oh, it's fine, you know. Just fine," he says trying to kill the exchange.
"Tell them what your training for. Where you're going next year," his mother says excitedly.
The professor looks intrigued.
"A tournament?"

"Well, actually-"
"The Olympics! My boy is competing in the Olympics next year! Can you believe it?" his mother says proudly.
Timothy takes a sip of water.
"My goodness, you don't say," the professors says as he takes a sip of red wine and looks at him in a reverence. Timothy notices the looks of admiration from Jen as well.
"That is absolutely incredible. It takes a special kind of person to accomplish such feats," he continues.
"It's just practice and hard work," Timothy replies modestly.
"Truly astonishing. I have no doubt you'll win the gold!" he says enthusiastically.
"Thanks," Timothy answers somewhat tired of the attention.
"I see you don't partake in alcohol this evening. Do you ever drink?" he inquires.

"No, never."
"What about tobacco?"
"No, I don't do any of that stuff. I don't want it to affect my training."
"Good. That's very good indeed," the professor says in an odd sort of way.
"Just a few months ago he won another Gold medal! He was on TV even! My boy is the best in the world I tell you!" his mother says unable to contain her excitement and pride.
"No doubt. He must get his good genes from his spry mother!" he says laughingly before giving her a light kiss.
Timothy shudders at the sight of the professor smooching with his mother.
"You know your mother talks about you quite a bit, Timothy. "My Golden Champion" she says. I have to say, you certainly look the part. A marvelous example of-"
"Good grief. Not this again. Leave him alone, Dad," Jen interrupts.

Everyone pauses for a brief moment. Timothy looks at her in adoration. From this moment on she was an angel, a saint, a savior from this absolutely bore of a man.
She looks Timothy in the eyes. Lucky for him he wasn't standing, for he would surely have fallen to the ground as his knees now turned to jelly.
"Sorry about my dad. When he talks he has neither a filter nor an off switch".
Timothy chuckles and smiles at her. She smiles back at him.
The professor lets out a loud cheery laugh.
"Oh my. I suppose I can get carried away sometimes."

The tone changed and everyone got more relaxed. The professor kept his harassment of Timothy down to a minimum, and Timothy and Jen were now really hitting it off with each other.
They talked to each other with complete ease for the rest of the evening.
"So, Timothy, what do you do besides gymnastics?" she asks with sincere interest.
"Oh, I don't know. Work out I guess," he says somewhat stumped by the question.
Jen laughs.
"What do you do for fun?" she asks with laughter in her voice.
"Gymnastics is pretty fun," he chuckles.
They both laugh together.
"I just realized I must be really boring," Timothy says almost apologetically.
"No, not at all!" she reassures him. "I admire your dedication. I'm the one who isn't used to that level of discipline. It's such a rare thing," she ads with obvious admiration.
Timothy was simply amazed by her. This time not with her physical features, but her personality. She was funny, smart, confident and deeply interesting. They were becoming the best of friends really fast. This was so strange and unfamiliar for Timothy. He had never connected with a girl like this before. Any awkwardness he had been worried about was a long since faded concern.
After finishing dinner, Jen and Timothy meet by the kitchen sink as they
cleaned off the plates.
"Sorry again about my dad. He can be such a pain. You can imagine what it's like to grow up with him," she says with a humorous tone of irony.
Timothy laughs.
"Oh, he's not that bad. But thanks for saving me back there. I owe you one," he says jokingly.
"No problem! Just shout my name whenever you're in need and I'll be there on the spot!"
They both laugh together wholeheartedly.
The hours passed by like nothing and before they knew it, it was time to call it a day.
"Tim, why don't you go show Jen to her room?" his mother yawns.

Timothy turns to Jen, "Follow me".
They walk through the big old house and up the stairs. They arrive at a corridor with two doors on either side.
"Here it is", Timothy indicates to the door on the right. "Is the door on the left to your room?" she inquires.

"Yes. Just let me know if you need anything."
"Sure thing. Good night, Champ. See you later," she gives him a wink and shuts the door behind her. Timothy is standing alone in the dark corridor.
"Good night..."

Timothy lies down in his bed, naked. The summer is at it's hottest and Timothy always sleeps naked when it's hot. He lies there under his blanket and his thoughts are running wild. He is having a serious battle with himself. He can't stop thinking about Jen. She is all that occupies his mind right now. He has never met someone as breathtaking as her, and to make matters worse: he actually really likes her too. He wonders if maybe she likes him too. Images of her naked body starts appearing in his mind. Timothy moves his hand down his body, across his abs and starts touching his huge semi-hard penis. The images in his head become more graphic, Timothy gets harder and takes a firmer grip around his member, but then suddenly stops himself after a brief moment of reflection. What the hell was he doing? Fantasizing about the daughter of his moms new boyfriend? Good lord, what if they get married? She would become his step-sister! Timothy immediately stopped pleasuring himself after this harrowing thought. He managed to set his mind to rest and quickly fell asleep. He dozed of with Jen still lingering in his mind.
It had only gone about an hour or so into his sleep when it was disturbed by subtle quiet noises of footsteps and the squeaking of an opening door. He slowly wakes up and begins to be aware that there is someone in the room with him. His mind is still in a haze but he can hear someone in a soft sensual voice say: "Timothy".
He quickly wakes up and regains full awareness. He sits up and turns on the lamp on his night table. The small lamp lights up the room in a dim warm glow and in the middle of the room Timothy can see Jen standing there with nothing but her bra and panties. Timothy's heart is racing. Although he is shocked to find her in his room half naked he can't help but be paralyzed by her insanely hot body.
"J-Jen...what...what's going on? Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Without responding she slowly moves closer towards him. Timothy looks at this ridiculously gorgeous girl as she moves her hand to the back of her bra. It loosens and falls off her, revealing the most perfect juicy breasts one can imagine. They were big and firm with small perky pink nipples. Her blond soft hair rests easy above her breasts. Timothy is wide-eyed and completely gobsmacked of what he is witnessing. Her hands slithers down her beautiful body towards her light-pink panties. She finally drops this last piece of clothing making her completely naked. Timothy looks down at where her panties were a moment ago. She is absolutely smooth. Her pink pussy looked like absolute perfection and simply delicious.
In a soft breathy voice she utters: "I want you".
Timothy swallows as his heart and mind races. Was he dreaming? Is this actually happening? She reaches the foot-end of Timothy's bed, grabs the blanket and slowly drags it off Timothy. As she pulls it off, Timothy's naked shredded body reveals itself. First his big firm pecks, then his ripped eight-pack abs and at last, but one can certainly not say the least, his massive rock hard cock pointing straight up in the air. Jen's eyes light up as she sees it and a not-so-subtle gasp escapes her mouth.
"Holy shit! That thing is huge!"

Strangely enough, although Timothy is huge, tall and incredibly buff, his cock is disproportionately large to his own large body. Every girl Timothy had been with experienced the same surprise. Timothy is a big strong man and as is common with sexual fantasies, girls would imagine him having a huge cock. However, the lucky ones who were fortunate enough to experience this first hand were embarrassed by how inadequate their fantasies had been. The reality turned out to be far more impressive than anyone dared to imagine.
 Jen gets on the bed and starts crawling towards Timothy's impressive member. Timothy is still struggling to decide whether this is actually happening or if it's all just a dream. She reaches her destination and without any hesitation Jen puts Timothy's cock in her mouth. At this point it becomes very clear to Timothy that this is definitely not a dream.
"Oh my God..." Timothy moans.
Her mouth felt like absolute heaven. Jen can barely fit the tip of his thick hard penis in her petite mouth. She braces herself and pushes her mouth deeper down on Timothy's beast. She sucks his cock moving her soft lips up and down his shaft. Once more, she makes another admirable effort going as deep as she possibly can. Timothy is beyond impressed as she manages to swallow half of his huge cock before gagging, that was way more than any other girl had ever managed to do. She starts slow, gently, caressing the cock with her mouth. She licks his balls and soon enough she starts sucking harder and faster. And boy could she suck. They way she used her mouth, the way she moved, the way she used her hands, her lips, not to mention her tongue. The enthusiasm of it! In fact it seemed that she was enjoying it just as much as Timothy was. Timothy grabs on to his sheets as he moans. The pleasure was so intense he struggled to withstand it. Up and down her head goes, his cock disappearing and reappearing from her mouth, again and again. She stops sucking his dick for a moment to gobble his balls with her mouth before she makes a long continuous lick with her tongue from the base of his shaft to the head where she then once again inhales his cock. This time even more vigorously. Timothy grabs her by the hair at the back of her head and helps her move faster and deeper. This was by far the most talented girl he had come across. So hot. So good.
Timothy lets out a loud moan: "Oh God yes. Just like that. Fuck, you're good. You're gonna make me cum..."

She takes her mouth of his cock, but still jerks him with her hand.
"I don't want you coming just yet," she smiles and kisses the head of his cock. She sits upright and moves into position, squatting over his penis. Classic girl-on-top. Timothy looks in awe at her. She was a true Goddess and her pussy looked like the gates of heaven. She firmly grabs his massive dick and guides it towards her beautiful pink pussy.
"Wait! What about protection?" Timothy urges himself to ask.

"No worries. I'm on the pill." She sits down on his cock.
"Perfect..." Timothy moans in euphoria as his penis penetrates her hungry pussy. She lets out a whimpering moan of both pain and pleasure.
"Oh my God, your dick is massive! It's tearing me apart!" she pauses to relax and supports herself by placing her hands on his big chest, in an effort to collect herself. Even though she was already soaking wet, getting penetrated by Timothy's monster was no trivial matter. With a penis this big it made it difficult to enter any pussy, but Jen's was especially tight. However, with great concentration and some gently applied force, they managed. His dick finally penetrates her deep inside, stuffing her completely. They both moan in unison. Being inside her felt absolutely amazing. Her pussy was so warm, so wet, so soft and so incredibly tight. To get all the way inside her took some effort, but oh boy was it worth it. Jen has never before experienced anything that could compare to Timothy. Feeling the mighty presence of his big stiff rod deep inside her pussy was a truly transcendent experience. She is in absolute reverence of him, his body, his strength and his absolute masculinity. Although Timothy is inside her as deep as possible, still, half his dick is not inside, it can not possibly go any deeper. As she sits down on his member she is actually only sitting on nothing but his cock. His cock is so big and strong that it is supporting her whole weight causing her ass to not actually touch the rest of Timothy's body. He holds her with a firm grip at the hips to make it easier.
Her petite frame makes a stark contrast to Timothy's huge muscular body. She moves up and down cautiously, with an incredibly sexy grimace of intense pleasurable. The way she looks as she moves up and down on him while touching her perky breasts and biting her lip is making Timothy as horny as a rabid dog. Timothy had never believed he could be so turned on. The sounds she makes alone is enough to make Timothy go mad. Her moaning is the hottest thing he has ever heard in his life. Although this audiovisual stimulation was on another level, the physical sensations were of another world. He could feel his hard penis grinding against the fleshy walls inside of her soft tight warm pussy, giving them both intense pleasure at every thrust. It was as if her pussy was hungry for his dick, as if it didn't want to let go. She is so turned on and wet that her juices starts running down Timothy's shaft like a river. She rides him harder, faster. Her panting is getting more lewd and guttural. Timothy breathes more heavily. Their eyes are locked in an intense stare, reading every little detail of expression and emotion upon each others faces. They are deeply concentrated on each other as they fuck. Jen bites her lip and strokes her hands across her breasts as she rides his massive throbbing cock. Jen is making Timothy crazy horny. He can't get enough of her, he needs more. He needs to fuck her harder. He grabs her around the waist with his muscly arm, and in one swift move they change position. He lays her on her back. Timothy is now on top and in control. He grabs his cock and re-inserts his tremendous shaft inside Jen’s quivering pussy. As he enters her she lets out a loud moan of pleasure. Timothy starts fucking her savagely and always going as deep as he can with every thrust. He can feel Jen’s tight pussy is getting properly stretched. Her moans turn in to loud groans of ecstasy. Her breathing and panting become more and more rapid.
Jen is completely stunned by the huge muscular man looming over her, utterly ravishing her.
"Oh my god,
I'm gonna come!" she blurts out.
Timothy keeps fucking her, now even faster.
"Oh. Fuck. Me!" She comes. Hard.
It is an otherworldly sensation of explosive pleasure she is experiencing. This is a gift given to her by this most divine man of perfect masculinity that has taken complete hold of her body in the most intimate erotic way possible. He is in complete charge of her body and her orgasm. And it is an absolute storm of pleasure that Timothy keeps on giving her. It's as if he had the power to give an endless amount of pleasure and he had decided to give it all to her at this very moment.This is by far the biggest, most intense orgasm she has ever had in her entire life. Right as she lets out a tremendous scream of euphoria, Timothy quickly covers her mouth with his hand, muffling her. 
"Shh, careful so we
don't wake anyone up," Timothy says with a heavy breath.
She seems to be in
a euphoric state unable to comply with his request. Timothy can fell her pussy contracting and tightening around his cock as she orgasms. It was an exceptionally long orgasm too. She keeps letting out the muffled sounds of pleasure through his hand. For a moment, Timothy was jokingly concerned he had broken her. Timothy leans in, they kiss passionately for a long time. Jen kisses Timothy ina way that only a woman who is completely and truly sexually satisfied can do.
Through her watery eyes she looks down at the center point of immeasurable pleasure between their two bodies. Where his hot ripped muscular body meet her lean gorgeous frame, and become one. This sight of him plowing his huge dick into her spread pussy makes her mind go numb.
"I want you to come inside me", Jen whispers exhausted.
She didn't need to ask Timothy twice. He continues his thrusts into her, now faster and harder than ever. He is pounding her full force now. A small faint voice in him reflects on the fact that he is fucking the daughter of his mothers boyfriend, but this voice quickly gets muted, it feels way to good to care. The bed rattles as if it is about to fall apart. As Timothy ravages Jen with his massive athletic body, it causes Jen’s body to almost get pushed off the bed by his strong huge cock. This is not the first time Timothy has encountered this problem. Therefore he holds her tight in place with his muscular arms. As she gets machine-gun-fucked, her body vibrates and shakes from the impacts of his powerful thrusts and her breasts keep bouncing up and down and all around. Jen is dead silent, but her eyes and mouth are wide open. The sexual force she is experiencing has left her completely speechless. She is unable to vocalize her tremendous pleasure. She locks her feet around Timothy's lower back, right above his firm naked ass. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and wriggles her head down to the side into the pillow, grabs the sheets in a tight grip. She comes again. Timothy keeps fucking her just as hard. No mercy. He can feel himself approaching the end. The pleasure intensifies. He grabs Jen by her hips with a tight grip. He fucks her with absolute domination. He races for the finish line. His cock pounds in and out of Jen's pussy so fast and hard it's a blur to the naked eye. Timothy's athletic body is glistening as sweat runs across his ripped muscles. Timothy starts panting: "Oh, fuck..I'm gonna.....OH, FUCK!"
In one final tremendous thrust he pushes his cock into her and explodes inside her. Massive amounts of cum shoots out of Timothy's throbbing penis in high velocity. Jen can feel herself being filled up. In another great moan, she orgasms once more as Timothy's cock keeps pumping out cum into her. His eyes are closed shut as he finds himself in a state of pure ecstasy. He has never had such an intense orgasm before in his entire life. Not only was it the most violently pleasurable one he had had, it was also by far the longest lasting one. His penis contracts over and over as he ejaculates into her. Jen's pussy gets filled up to the brim with Timothy's hot cum, so much that his sperm starts leaking out through the very tight gap between his cock and her pussy. The contractions start to fade away and Timothy has completely emptied himself into her. The orgasm has dwindled, but it's force has left them both shaken. He remains inside her for quite some time, his eyes still closed, savoring every little bit of sensation. He eventually pulls out of her. As he does, huge amounts of semen gushes out of her. Timothy collapses on the bed, next to Jen. They are both exhausted and covered in sweat and various other bodily fluids. Jen puts her head on Timothy's chest and in a state of mutual bliss, they fall asleep.

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