Only Humans

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Jacob is a young man who looks for opportunity on Enkia, a planet which has just finished its final stage of the terraforming process. There is no room left for a person like Jacob back on his home world, especially since he’s what people call a Magus. Magus’ are individuals who possess the ancient ability of manipulating matter and energy. Over the centuries, machines and intellect have long passed the need for such abilities making these individuals insignificant in a society where technology is prime. Once a powerful and influential force, Magus’ have been weakened and reduced to showcase their abilities through road side entertainment and gimmicks to impress infatuations. Enkia gives Jacob the chance to avoid his unpromising talents and start a bright future on a new, rich world.

However, after a catastrophic accident, Jacob is spun into a path he never would have imagined and will soon find his abilities are far from insignificant.

Table of Contents

An Uncertain Beginning

Submitted: October 10, 2016

Jacob had begun wondering if he was regretting his choice to leave home. Of course it wasn’t until the last step of his journey he seco... Read Chapter

One Last Ship

Submitted: October 16, 2016

The spectacular shades of green and blue reminded Jacob of the images that depicted his home world in the history file during his childho... Read Chapter

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