an unexpected adventure in the bermuda triangle

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this was a story by kevin during his 7th grade. it came in his school magazine and i'm not sure of certain words. suggestions are always welcome!!!

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016




Well most of you may have heard about the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle. My name is Lucas George Emmet. My friends call me Emmet. I'm 12 years old. As you know how 12 years old are but I'm not like them. I have interest in studies and mysteries. Well this is a very co-fortunate event taking place in my life. My concern was about Bermuda triangle. As there were a lots of ships and aircrafts missing;such an avenger and much more- well, this incident happened to me when I was 23 years old. I worked as a reporter in a company. But still was fascinated by the area which was in between Costarico Miami and Bermuda, which I call the Bermuda Triangle!!! After a month I got a transfer to Miami. I decided to take a plane, but failed. At last I got a luxury liner going to Miami. It costed me about 1 grand which was all I had. It was my first experience. I also had my friend Jhon Lubar craft and his sister who were travelling to Miami too. We were late, but still lucky to catch the ship and we started our journey. 

We were given our rooms. The room I was given was a luxurious one with broad design, a big television set and double AC aud with telephone. The dinner was splendid. The library and the living room was well kept, aud was the best it could be .The people and the crew were very gentle. During this the captain announced that the sea route to Miami is going under research aud he is going to stop on Costarica. But that's where the Bermuda Triangle is!!! I tried to warn him. But he didn't pay any attention. I instantly ordered a life boat and kept a life jacket as a precaution. But it happened. The ship started to sink. A mysterious fog appeared. But there was no reason for the ship to sink. I slipped out lucky for Jhon and his sister. I had two spare jackets. It turned out. I was stuck in the windows. But Jhon rescued me by sacrificing his own life. I was saved but had to say farewell to a friend. The next moment I was awake, I was snatched by a huge eagle. I had landed on it's nest. Aud made my way out. I reached a lake. I drank some water. It was unexpectedly sunny. I saw less vegetation and to my surprise the jungle turned out to be a sandy desert and the water was nothing other than the sand. It was a mirage!!! I spitted it out and continued my journey. I found a camel on the road. And after covering some distance I also found a knife. I noticed a plane passing through. I gave a signal using my knife and got their attention, They took me to to the city. To be precise, I stayed in a brick house almost for a week. It was a desert. There were several sandstorms passing frequently. At last I decided to steal the plane of the guy whoo saved my life. When I sneaked into his hanger, I discovered a building full of planes. I stole one of them. He came chasing me and shouted " curse you". By the time I was flying, I discovered to go through the Bermuda Triangle. There I sensed danger. I jumped out of my plane. By then a wave of fog covered the whole place. I directly fell into the sea. I heard the plane exploded. I was unconcious. 

I woke up to  find myself in front of a large fish.It was holding a triton. I found that it was none other than Poseidon, the Greek God. He began long ago. 

The people of the Atlantis, the Leger Don Island in the Atlantis ocean lived.

 With the call of the possesion, we the Gods were jealous of Atlantis and destroyed it. The Atlantis cursed us and behold the caste fragment of Atlantis landed here creating a triamgle seating us three: Zeus, Lades and me. If only one could break the last piece then shall the curse be destroyed. I was sent down to the water with the power and the traiton of the Greek God Poseidon. I was seed deep into the sea. I scared to be in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and went into the depth of the sea. At last I reached the last fragment of the Atlantis. There was a creature. It was noe other than Jhon. Without any feeling of hurt I pierced into his chest. He still followed one. By the time I pierced the last piece of Atlantis the cursecame to an end. A weak later I reached Costarica,took a plane to my homeland and met my family there and was shocked to hear that the ship I took to Miami which was destroyed do returned and was even more shocked to hear from my family that I was in Miami for 2 years. Non this in a misty.

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an unexpected adventure in the bermuda triangle

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