A New Window

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This content will mostly be of my input regarding LTRs, leaving home for college, and the various experiences I've had living with a brother who has autism.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



While this isn't really a blog, it's about as close as I could manage without the actual hassles of creating one. I'd like to consider this, more than anything, as just a simple place where I can talk to any who may be reading.


I wanted to give my greetings, so hi there. 


Obviously I won't be giving out my name, but ultimately I want to be able to give my advice and tell of what I've gone through so far in my life, despite the lack of years. On here, this website, I'm known as "Sea Pancake." I'm only 19 years old - I'll be 20 come January. I realize most people will already come to find that that's a rather young age, especially if I'm going to be talking about experiences

These past 19 years of my life have been full of all sorts of twists, turns, ups, downs, tugs and pushes. It's almost kind of unremarkable. Where to begin in really the big thing I'm struggling with. I suppose I can discuss a bit more detail about myself and the topics at hand.

I have a younger brother who is in the light range of autism - my family and I are blessed in that way, as much as he is - but who has also recently in the past few years developed epilepsy. He's absolutely precious to me, my brother. I don't think I've met a single soul who is as kind and compassionate and youthful as him. He loves dinosaurs, Godzilla, Egypt; he's got a knack for history, it's astounding. 

Next in line, I guess I'll explain the situation. I've had an actual, close-by boyfriend before. We talked about going steady in the years to come after college, but everything sort of changed after a while. Well, not even sort of -- they very much changed. After I took time off from relationships, I found myself with another person, who was at the time an online friend. He and I are approaching a first year anniversary. 

Lastly, college. Oh, the joys of young life. College in itself is some sort of five-headed dragon that will spew out books, papers, sucker punches and all the sort at you, but all at once, because college is mean like that. Having to juggle a LTR, manage my grades and homework, and visit family is definitely not easy. No aspect of it is. 


The main thing, I believe, that I want to accomplish with this is to be a bold writer. 


Better, braver, and simply more out there. I realize entirely that, for some reason, LTR talk is about as welcomed as voodoo itself. Bringing up people who are on the autism spectrum makes certain people uncomfortable, I'm aware. Despite these two things, despite them, I'm going to choose to give what advice and what input I can about them. 


It's because I know some people don't enjoy hearing about them, whatever the reasoning may be, is that if you are someone who is like that, you are under no obligation to keep reading. I'm not going to try and make people sit down and read my content, even if it were possible. Now, with that disclaimer out there, I think the first few steps are about as golden as they'll be. Those who've read this far, many thanks, and take care!


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