Inner Demons

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This is an old college project i did on my games design level 3 course. It is a mixture of both plot and 4 scripted scenes from the game ideas story line. I thought i would share it just too see what people thought so enjoy.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



Inner Demons Plot/Script


In the beginning Lucifer lived among the Angels and had a relationship with another named Veronica. Eventually Lucifer was cast out for questioning God’s creation of man, at this time Veronica was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Veronica was given no punishment for bearing the fallen Angel’s offspring but the children would be taken from her once born. The reason for this is because of their heritage they would both posses energy of Demons Angels making them hybrids and therefore tained in the eyes of the lord. Veronica’s love for lucifer is too strong and she meets with him in secrecy, fooled into thinking that he will be a loving father to their children. She runs away to be with him but is unknowingly pursued by heavens Angels, a battle ensues and Lucifer tries to capture Veronica but she escapes with the loss of her angelic wings grounding her to Earth. She flees the battle and masks herself from Heaven's eyes so that she will be safe on Earth, hoping to have a fresh start for her unborn children. The children, now named Alexia and Nero, live on Earth for ten years but are finally discovered by the Angels and taken to Heaven where they learn about their true heritage. But the Angels also discover that the Demonic energy is stronger within Alexia, seeing no other option the twins are trained in combat and the ways of Angels. The twins must then wait until their sixteenth birthday to achieve enlightenment and grow their wings.


The game starts off on the twins sixteenth birthday, the day when the two of them will grow there Angel wings and become pure. But the other Angels of the high council are worried that Alexia’s demon energy will overpower her Angelic energy, as one is meant to dominate the other but if her Demon energy were to win then she would become corrupted. Nero possess a balance of the two energies and when he is summoned to the great hall he wonders where his sister is but they deny him answers. Nero is put through the enlightenment process and grows his wings, he believes he has become pure at last but the Angels discover that he possesses three energies (Demon, Mortal and Angel) and they have become balanced. Nero is then classed as a Nephilim, a being which posses more than one energy. Trying to come to terms with this news, chaos breaks out within Heaven as Alexia’s body and soul is slowly being corrupted. She is unable to fight it and loses all self control, other Angels try to restrain her but she is too strong. By pure luck Nero is able to separate her Angelic energy from her body making her a Angelic spirit while the Demon takes hold of her body. The Demon retreats while Alexia and Nero recuperate from the event, they are then told that Alexia can still be saved but the Demon will try to take control and balance the three energies just like Nero, so it too will become a Nephilim.

Nero and Alexia then have to set out and chase the Demon before its plans are fulfilled and so that Alexia can inherit her true body once more before it's too late. The duo chase the Demon across London and battle many hell spawn and creatures along the way. Whilst being on Earth Nero’s human energy is greatly enhanced in strength allowing him to create an golden aura armour shaped like his mother, this is symbolic to how a mother will watch over and protect her children. While on earth the duo are led to confront their Mother Veronica, this provides them with answers about there past and Heavens history. Afterwards they encounter the Demon again at a four way crossroad section, the Demon reveals its true intentions are to free their Father Lucifer so that he may have his revenge and unleash the apocalypse to start the great battle of the three worlds. The Demon delves into the depths of hell and the duo must give chase.

When they arrive Nero’s Demon energy is enhanced in strength but is a lot harder to control, this causes Nero to lash out and lose all self control at times during combat so he must learn to overpower it. When they eventually arrive at Lucifer’s prison they are greeted by him, surprised to see how much they have both grown. The Demon then attempts to release Lucifer while Nero and Alexia must engage in battle, but Lucifer then manipulates Nero’s demonic energy causing him to lose control once again. Alexia must then restrain Nero but in doing so the Demon is able to free Lucifer and the four horseman are unleashed, beginning the war. When Nero gains control of himself again, he attacks the Demon and reaches within her to separate the two energies (Mortal and Demon) but to his unfortunate surprise he finds that they have become one. Alexia’s body is lost and there only hope now is to destroy it.

Once again the demon escapes and Nero and Alexia engage in battle with all four horseman at once, but are overpowered. The horseman are then ordered to begin the attack and each one rides down one of the four crossroad paths. Alexia and Nero then realise that the Demon and her are still connected and if the Demon were to die then her Angelic energy would die with it. Nero feels he is unable to do such an act and loses hope in himself, Alexia must reinvigorate his spirit before they set out to defeat the four horseman. Each of the horseman possess different abilities and has caused different variations of havoc and destruction in their path. The player is given freedom of choice in what order to defeat them. As each one is defeated, Nero learns how to control and use his sources of power in combat, and once the horseman are defeated the duo return to Heaven.

When they arrive they find that the Demon and Lucifer have almost overpowered the Angels with their army. The Demon has also now absorbed the spiritual energy of the high council Angels bringing her to a full power Nephilim like Nero. Alexia and Nero then manage to separate the Demon from Lucifer and lead it back into the depths of Hell. Whilst the Angel general Zakaria and several others including Veronica who is given back her wings, hold off lucifer in heaven. As the fight goes on Nero and Alexia start to weaken the Demon, but as a result Alexia also starts to feel the inflicted wounds. Both Fights are then bound to earth and the opponents are switched, Nero and Alexia battle there Father whilst the Angels hold off the Demon.

The fight is switched once more as the Angels drag Lucifer to Hell and the Demon ascends to Heaven, Nero and Alexia give chase to finish the fight. Nero is then forced to say goodbye to his sister, as he engages in battle with intentions of killing the Demon. Whilst the Angels finish off Lucifer and re-imprison him in the deepest pits of hell, Veronica makes a vow and chooses to stand guard over him for eternity. Nero defeats the Demon and the duo say there heartfelt goodbye, Nero is accepted as a hero amongst the Angels and his sister is remembered for her efforts. Nero has become a whole new person, as now he is able to finally open up to others and live his life the way he should, not in fear or for any major purpose but to become a man and have a family. Several years later Nero has settled down and started a family of his own on earth, spawning a new age of beings. The Nephilim, which will help keep order and balance among the three worlds.

Cut scene 1:


This is the beginning to the game's storyline and it will take place after the training level within the game, this scene is meant to establish who these characters are and will start to build on the storyline to come. When this cutscene concludes the player would then have to go to their first objective, which is to participate in their purity session.

Scene 1 (beginning)

Setting: The characters Nero and Alexia have just returned to Heaven from their trip to Earth battling demons. The air is warm and the sun is shining bright above, Heaven itself is lit up by the sunshine as it glistens on the water and the marble buildings.

Alexia: Well you know what day it is right Nero?

(Nero turns his head to face Alexia)

Nero: Of course I know what day it is, today is the day I have been training for. Today we become purified Angel’s and free ourselves of the wretched Demon that dwells within me and you.

(Alexia folds her arms and stares back at him with a grin)

Alexia: You really know how to ruin a good mood don’t you?

(She shakes her head)

Alexia: Well come on then spoil sport we got to get going, now I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to finally get my wings at last. I want to be able to fly above the clouds and stare down at the people below like a bird.

(A large smile grows across her face as she looks to the sky)

Nero: Just be careful you don’t daydream too much, you might crash and damage those pretty wings of yours.

(Nero slightly chuckles to himself while Alexia glares at him, the two then enter through the gates of heaven and continue walking)

Alexia: So when your purification is over are you finally going to, you know, have a bit of fun once in awhile. Maybe learn to relax once in awhile, after all we are only 16 once Nero so you need to have some fun now and again, especially if you have wings.

Nero: Oh really and what is your idea of fun?

(Nero’s anger starts to build slightly as he clenches his fist)

(Nero and Alexia both stop in place simultaneously)

Nero: You don’t get it do you Alexia, I have been fighting my whole life so that I can be rid of this Demon within me. So that I can be free because the longer it lives, the more I feel like I’m not even an Angel, that I may be one of them.

(Instantly Alexia punches Nero in the arm and grabs him by the shoulders)

Alexia: Don’t you ever think that Nero, because I swear if I ever hear that kind of talk from you again I will beat it out of you, you got that?

(Nero then looks at her with a grin)

Nero: You still think that you can take me on don’t you? But yet I have never lost against you, not once.

Alexia: Well maybe another rematch is in order, what do you say?

Nero: I would say so yeah.

(As the two of them ready for battle, two Angel soldiers arrive)

Soldier 1: Alexia?

Alexia: Yeah that’s me, what do you guys want?

Soldier 2: You are to come with us immediately on urgent business.

(Nero then steps forward)

Nero: What do you want with my sister?

Soldier 1: Stand down boy, we are only following our orders. Now if you please Miss Alexia.

(Alexia then steps forward)

Alexia: Ok, let’s go.

Nero: But Alexia, our purification.

Alexia: It’s ok Nero, you’re just have to go on ahead without me. We will meet up later ok, i promise.

(She smiles as she then walks away whilst Nero sighs)

Nero: Ok Alexia

(The camera view then pans out to show a temple up ahead which the player must go to. The player is then able to take control of the playable character Nero.)

Cut scene 2:


This scene takes place a quarter way into the game's storyline. The two characters Alexia and Nero come across their old home during their investigation into the whereabouts of the demon they are chasing. This immediately starts to stir Nero and his rage starts to build as he wants answers from his mother about how he feels abandoned and lied to.


Alexia: Nero?

(Nero just remains staring at the house, his hands clenched into fists)

Alexia: Nero, I know you’re angry at her ok, we have every right to be but you can’t just expect to be able to walk in on her. I mean what would you even say?

(Nero slowly turns his head to look at Alexia, his eyes glowing with rage)

Nero: I’m going to ask her why? Why did she make us what we are? Why did she lay with the fallen one? Why she never told us…and why she thought she could just simply carry on her life like a normal human being, thinking that we would never come back to her one day

Alexia: Nero, please try and control yourself ok?

(Nero turns his attention back to the house and starts walking towards it, steadily picking up speed. Veronica then steps out of the house to pick up her newspaper, her eyes then fixate on Nero and her face turns to utter shock. At this moment Nero begins sprinting resulting in a collision with her, he then pins her against the wall)

Nero: Mother…WHY?! Why did you make us what we are? Why did you curse us?

(Alexia comes running into the house. Veronica begins to struggle for air)

Alexia: Nero? ...NERO! You need to release your grip, NERO!

(Alexia watches in horror. Nero starts to give into his anger and rage, fuelling the demon within, his hands remain firmly gripped around Veronica’s neck slowly getting tighter)

Alexia: Nero!

(Alexia then uses her power to pull Nero off of Veronica. Veronica drops to the floor gasping for air and Nero comes back to his senses)

Veronica: What... What the hell was that all about? I’m your Mother!

(Nero then pulls himself to his feet)

Nero: Our Mother? A real Mother does not lie and abandon her children!

Alexia: Nero, are you feeling ok?

(Alexia attempts to comfort Nero)

Nero: I’m fine Alexia

(Nero pushes Alexia away)

Alexia: No you’re not, I saw you just now. I could see the blood lust in your eyes Nero, that demonic energy feeds off your anger and rage, you need to calm down and rest.

Veronica: But you both turned 16 the purification should have ridded the Demonic energy within you both? Why does it still remain and why have you become Angelic spirit?

(Alexia helps Nero to sit down on a chair to relax. She then turns to face Veronica)

Alexia: (Sigh) When our purification was meant to take place we were separated, it turned out that my Demonic energy was more powerful than we first believed. It dominated and corrupted my body, but Nero managed to separate my Angelic spirit and now we have to hunt down the Demon before it's too late. Nero is also now a Nephilim, he possess a balanced amount of all three energies. But he is struggling to keep control of his Demonic energy, it feeds off his emotions like fuel, like just now.

(Veronica takes a moment to let the information sink in)

Veronica: Then why did you come here?

Alexia: The Demon led us in this direction, for what reason we don’t know. Just coincidence i guess.

(Veronica then thinks silently for a moment. Alexia looks over Nero)

Veronica: No, this was no coincidence. The Demon must be leading you both on a goose chase through locations from your personal past and memories.

Alexia: But why? What would be the purpose?

Veronica: It’s trying to mess with your heads, stir up your emotions and throw you off track. It led you both here and look what happened. You both need to tread carefully from here on out.

(Nero then raises his head and looks Veronica in the eye)

Nero: You never answered my question Mother, why did you lay with him? Why did you lie to us?

(Tension builds between the characters)

Veronica: Love is a powerful emotion Nero, you will do anything to be with the one you care for most. But he became arrogant and questioned God’s creations, resulting in his own downfall and damnation. When he was cast out i was already in the early stages of pregnancy, there was no hiding it from Heaven. I was granted solitude in Heaven and not held accountable for any crimes, but my emotions got the better of me and i met with Lucifer in secrecy. He promised that together we would raise you both, that we would be a family, and at the time i thought you at least deserve that privilege. When you were both born i fled heaven to be with him, but i was followed and upon arrival a fight ensued, Lucifer tried to take you both from me. I tried to flee but he snipped my wings grounding me to Earth, just in time the other Angels imprisoned him within the depths of hell where he still remains.

I was deemed a traitor that very day and ordered to relinquish you both to Heaven, but i couldn't bare to let either of you go, a Mother will do anything to defend her children. I managed to escape and cloaked myself and you both from Heavens watchful gaze with Angelic wards, i thought i was safe, i thought that you both could live a normal life here on Earth amongst Mortals.

(Nero raises to his feet)

Nero: But yet it failed, you tried to protect us and failed. The day they took us away, you stood by and watched. We pleaded for your help, for our own Mother’s love.

(Alexia steps forward)

Alexia: You said it yourself just now, that a Mother will do anything to protect her children. Why did you do nothing that day?

(Veronica turns away from them both)

Veronica: The day they found me, I was given two options. Let you both be executed and imprisoned for my own crimes, or surrender you both too heaven for there choosing purpose.

(A tear runs down Alexia’s cheek)

Alexia: You gave us away, to save us.

(Veronica turns back around to face them)

Veronica: It was the only way. You were only children, too young to understand the truth about your heritage or the world we live in.

Nero: You never even attempted, you just pulled the cloth over our eyes knowing that we were outcast’s among men. Knowing full well that one day there could be chance that they would find us, we lived in constant danger without even knowing.

Veronica: Then you both look me in the eye and tell me now. If I had told you the truth when you were younger, would you have forgiven me then or would you hate me the same way you do now?

(The room falls silent)

Nero: No, I wouldn’t have forgiven you then and I don’t forgive you now, you betrayed your own kind and gave birth to a curse. You hid us in plain sight and awaited the day your fantasy would come crashing down. I will never understand your lustful urges nor your reasons for betrayal, all i understand now is that we were nothing but bargaining chips to save your own life.

(Veronica turns her attention to Alexia)

Veronica: and you Alexia?

Alexia: I... I have nothing to say.

(Alexia turns away, hiding her face)

Veronica: (sigh) Then I think it's best you both leave now, but I don’t regret for a moment what I did, I did what I thought was right and followed my heart. It is because of my choices that you both stand here before me, regardless of your feelings for or against me.

(Nero takes one last look back)

Nero: The day you lay with the fallen one was the day that all your self-dignity and pride was destroyed, you yourself became like him… a traitor, you're almost as a bad as a demon.

(Alexia and Nero then leave the house and a small tear runs down Veronica’s cheek)

Cut scene 3:


This scene takes place after the main plot incident in the story as Nero and Alexia have Just learned that her body has become corrupted fully, meaning they have failed and Nero loses faith in himself, this scene is meant to be strong and emotional moment for the two characters and be the start of a new character development point for Nero. When this cut scene would conclude the player would then have the choice of which of the four horsemen to go after first.


Scene 3 (After major plot device/incident)

Setting: In the centre of London, the streets and buildings have been devastated and the pavements are lined with dead bodies, blood is drenched all over the walls and there is nothing but silence left. Nero is on his knees and alexia is standing overseeing the surroundings in horror.

Alexia: Nero? ....NERO!? ....Nero we…we have to go…ok?

(Nero remains silent and slowly climbs to his feet)

Nero: No alexia…I’m done

(Alexia walks around Nero to look at him face to face)

Alexia: What do you? You can’t just say you're done we…we have to fight back now com…

(ALexia is interrupted mid-sentence)


(Alexia jumps slightly. Nero then raises his head to look her in the eyes)

Nero: I…I failed you...I promised to save you, I promised to fight to get you back and now you’re stuck this way. A spirit and nothing more.

(Nero stands and proceeds to walk away)

Alexia: Nero, where are you going?

(Nero continues walking in silence)

Alexia: NERO!.....please don’t go.

(Alexia uses her powers to create a reflective surface in front of Nero)

Alexia: Is this who you are Nero? Do you see the same young teen in that reflection? Because i don't, not anymore.

(Nero smashes the construct and keeps walking. Alexia creates another repeatedly each time they are broken. Nero becomes increasingly more aggressive)

Alexia: You are so ashamed of what you are doing right now, that you can’t even look at yourself anymore can you?...CAN YOU!?

(Nero turns his head slightly, his knuckles are bleeding from smashing teh constructs)

Nero: It’s over alexia, there’s nothing I can do. I let you and everyone else down, including myself.

(tears start to run down his face as he speaks)

Nero: All my life I’ve had to fight against everyone and everything…and for what? We tried and look where it got us, innocents are dead and your body is lost. All we can do now is attempt to kill the demon and re-imprison lucifer, how are we even expected to do such a thing. Because of me, all of this happened, i’m not strong enough.

(Nero then tries to run away)

Alexia: Nero, you can’t run from this

(Alexia, gives chase until she manages to restrain him in place)

Nero: Let me go, it’s over Alexia.

(Nero continues to struggle to break away from her grasp)

Alexia: This is our fight Nero, we have to finish this. No matter the cost.

Nero: I won’t do it, i won't kill you Alexia. We will find another way.

Alexia: Nero you can’t put me over the good of humanity itself, I know how much you care about me but…

(Aleixa is interrupted)

Nero: But we are family!

(silence falls)

Alexia: I know Nero, but that’s why we have to do this together. I can’t go alone, and you're the only one strong enough to finish this,I won’t let you throw away your life just for me. I’m already a lost cause, and you need to come to terms with it.

(Nero, remains still. Alexia releases her grip)

Alexia: I know you're scared, and so am I. But I promise you will never be alone, even when I’m gone. I’m going to be right by your side until the end Nero.

(Alexia stretches out her hand)

Alexia: But the only way i can, is if you take my hand. Together, we will put an end to all of this.

(Slowly Nero stretches out his hand and grips Alexia tightly)

Nero: Alexia…thank you….even now, you're still pulling me from back from the edge. I’m not ready to let you go without a fight, but if it should come to it then…

(Nero is interrupted)

Alexia: We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

(Alexia smiles and Nero smiles back)

Alexia: Right now our main priority is to save humanity from being eradicated by the four horsemen, but...

(Nero looks at Alexia in confusion)

Nero: But what Alexia?

Alexia: But, which one do we go after first?

(The camera then pans out and returns control over to the player. Allowing freedom of choice over which path to take, continuing the gameplay and storyline)

Cut scene 4:


This is the last scene of the game's storyline after they have defeated the demon and Lucifer has been imprisoned once more, the two must now say their goodbyes.


Setting: Heaven has been destroyed and has become a former shadow of what it once was, dead Angels and Demons are scattered everywhere. Nero is heavily injured and his clothes and armour have suffered greatly from the final battle. Alexia’s soul is starting to fade.

(Nero turns to face Alexia, struggling slightly to keep his footing)

Nero: Alexia, we did it, we won.

(Nero then steps forward to hug Alexia but passes through her. He Turns around in shock)

Alexia: Nero. i think my time has come.

Nero: No, no Alexia please. You..

Nero is interrupted mid-sentence)

Alexia: Please, before I fade away let me say what I need to…Nero, words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to you for everything you went through to try and save me. You put your life on the line, you did things you never thought you would do, you are a true hero and a true brother and even in death I will always love you.

(Tears start to run down Nero’s face as he starts to walk closer to Alexia)

Alexia: I couldn’t ask any more of you Nero but if I were to do so, then it would be that you grow up and live your life. Get out there and find a beautiful girl, get married and have children so that you may tell them how badass there aunt was, and how she whooped your ass.

(Alexia giggles slightly)

Nero: Excuse me? I don't ever remember that happening.

Alexia: It’s ok to embellish a little.

(Nero chuckles slightly)

Nero: If that’s what you want Alexia then I promise that I will, you have helped make me into a new person and I will always love you too. You were  only family whoever stuck by me, even if you could never beat me.

Nero: I will never forget you Alexia

Alexia: and neither will I Nero

(The two of them smile at one another and Alexia slowly fades away)

Nero: Goodbye Alexia

Alexia: Goodbye Nero

(Alexia goes in peace. The scene then fades to black and cuts several years later, Heaven is rebuilt and we see a older aged Nero standing alongside a beautiful woman cradling a baby in her arms and a small boy gripping hold of Nero’s hand)

Nero: (Voiceover) I never knew who I was and I always wanted to be free from what I once saw as a burden, but my whole life I was running away from who I truly am. I am Nero, a Nephilim who will keep balance amongst the three worlds and my life is only just beginning.

(The scene fades to black and the credits role)

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