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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short but informative story about a person that faced a loss and then what happened next...

What has  happened to me ? Why am I being so useless in this world? Why is there dark everywhere ? Is it because I closed my eyes then or am  I closing  my eyes right this moment?
These words seem to appear with my every single breath I take.
There was a time , when happiness roamed around me . Everything seemed to be fine. Parents , teachers , wife , children everyone was happy with me and the life they were living. My morning was started with the humming of birds , their sweet and melodious sound delighted me every morning. A cup of coffee , a sweet kiss of my beloved wife , sounds of children screaming for being woke up early and getting ready . Everything was fine. Life seemed to be very pleasant .
But , then a time came. The time which completely changed my life.
I , Marquis Spencer was a business man. I lead a business of spare parts .Though everything was okay with me , but then  I faced an extreme loss from my business. An employee of mine betrayed me and cheated on me . He sold my blueprint to another company and there my ideas were stolen. I had a loss of 50million US dollars. Through this loss my happiness and charm of life disappeared suddenly . I ,  The MS became completely arm less. So  I became frustrated , stressed , depressed or whatever that feeling was after getting defeat . I started hitting my wife , my children , yelling at them for no reason. I became so lost that I started taking narcotics for keeping me stress free. Gradually it became  a habit of mine and then the reason to live ! Now  I remained in one room only . My pitch of taking narcotics was extreme !  Living in the dark , aimless , useless !
Then it happened as people say ‘’Blessing in disguise’’ . My wife was so good that she started to counsel me . she gave me the strength . She started making me realize that I cannot surrender here by the ups and downs of life. No , life doesn’t  ends here .  This was the time when I asked to myself that yes , I closed my eyes back then but not now ! I will change myself up . because whenever one falls , the chance to lift up and proceed gets more than before.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 maryamii. All rights reserved.

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Wow. This is I must say , a fabulous story ! must read this . Its for people who are facing depression .they should learn from it.

Tue, October 11th, 2016 2:45pm

A.L. Martin

Dang what a tragic tale! Was this based off true events or all a part of your imagination? Either way great story!

If you feel up to it you should check out some of my stories as well..
Thank you!

Thu, June 14th, 2018 7:55pm

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