Life Changes

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Jane has a horrible life but someone changes her life.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



Chapter 1

 There once was a girl name Jane she never fit in at all she would cry everyday and night but only go in the bathroom during the day because she was always at school she never miss a day and when she cry at night she cries in her bedroom . Jane gets bully a lot by this girl name Lane (she's fat and ugly) and others bully her , they use to be friends till one day in gym class Lane slap her and Jane threw her binder at her even though Lane said she was just kidding but Jane didn't care because she's tired of getting bullied by everyone in the school. The next day Jane still had her friends that she would talk to but they never wanted to hangout with her. Jane never knew why but the friends she had was Lane's friends also. J (Jane) hated L (Lane) so much because L told lies about J and every since then J lost her friends. 

Chapter 2

Jane woke up the next morning to check her Facebook on her phone like always. So she always add people who don't know. Jane doesn't really gets messages but she always text guys, every time she text them they all want the same thing which are nude pictures. Jane hates it but she does it anyway because if she don't they will post that she slept with them on her school website. So she made a promise to herself, to kill herself on her 18th birthday. 

Chapter 3

Jane got up the next morning feeling happy and confident, she didn't know why because everything in life is bad even at home. She thought about how her mom got treated wrong by her dad he would choke her , hit her and even cheat on her, he never really cared about Jane and or her mother . Finally Jane got back to herself and stopped thinking about everything. Oh shoot I''m late for school ,Jane rush down the stairs and hurried up before the bus come. As soon as Jane got to the bus stop the bus was coming. She hate riding the bus because students were always picking on her. J got to school and head to her St class, her teacher is name Ms. Love . Ms. Love said "Okay class we have a new student". The new student walked in the room of 110 and introduce himself, " hi, I'm Chris", said the new guy, the class was quite , "say hi back class", said ms. Love. The class said hi to Chris. Chris sat by this girl name Kate. ( The popular girl) Kate was talking to Chris and asked him if he wanted to come to this party. Chris said "Yes". Jane just looked at them two and started to cry, Jane never got invited to parties and she liked Chris very much. "Ring Ring" The bell rung to go to next class. Jane had History next. As Jane was walking to her history class, she heard someone calling her name. "Jane, Jane, Jane". Jane looked back and saw Chris. J face lit up. " hi Jane" said Chris, "Hi Chris" said Jane . "Do you know where 306 is for history"?, Chris asked. "Yes, I have that class" Jane said. Jane and Chris walked to class together. "Hi Mr. Grass". Jane said. "Hi Jane" Mr. Grass had said. Chris sat right by Jane. Everything was going great until Lane came in and told Chris I was a hoe and he shouldn't be talking to me. Chris didn't believe anything Lane told him. "Beep". Chris checked his phone and saw that Kate had texted him, "Stay away from her", Chris showed the message to Jane, she asked "Are you going to stay away from me"? . Chris replied no, because your my friend. The rest of the day Jane didn't have Chris in her classes but she did got his number. Jane had a good morning because of Christopher ( Chris real name" but not afternoon because of Lane and Kate. She went home and started crying, she hated the end of the day. Jane's mother never asked Jane how was school or anything. She never did care about Jane. Jane felt depressed and her nth birthday was coming. Well she stay alive or die?

Chapter 4

Jane woke up and had a text from Chris, he said "Hey", Jane text back "Hey" and went to school. Jane got on the bus and saw Chris had saved her a seat, so she sat by him. Chris had kissed Jane on the lips really soft and sweet and asked her out. " but i thought you liked Kate", J said, "no she just asked me if I wanted to go to a party, I told her yes, will you go out with me to this party" Chris had said. Jane said "Of course I will". Chris had to tell Kate that he was taking Jane to the party tonight. Kate freaked out, "What the fuck why would you take her"?. Chris reply saying Jane and I are dating and I love her. While Chris was talking to Kate, Jane went off to class crying. Jane got into class and saw Lane, but Jane didn't talk. Chris saw Jane and got caught with her but Jane just walked away, she was feeling very upset for what Lane and Kate had said. Chris yelled Jane name and she had stopped, Chris stopped and ran to her. Jane had turned around to Chris then turned away. When Jane walked away Chris grab her hand and pull her to the locker and kissed her . Chris's girlfriend didn't know what was going on but she loved it, so she kiss him back. Jane pull away and said "why you kiss me" Chris said " because I love you with all my heart, and I'm never leaving you. Jane heart had dropped and had butterflies in her stomach, she didn't know what else to say so she kiss Christopher some more. Christopher asked " did you want to skip the afternoon with me"?, J said "yes", but where are we going to go? " Anywhere" Chris had said. "How about we take a walk around and I'll get to know you better. before we go further in our relationship" J had said. Christopher and J took a walk. J had fell , she tripped over a rock, Christopher had laugh and J left and went home in the car. She cried all the way home, when she got home Chris text her saying "sorry for laughing" . Jane reply saying "okay, I forgive you" . Chris knocked on the door and Jane open the door. Chris asked "Are you ready"? Jane reply "no, I have to change". Jane changed right in front of Chris then they head to the party. Ten minutes Christopher and Jane arrive at the party. Christopher knocked on the door, Kate answers the door. "Come on in " K said (Kate). They both left the door and Christopher asked K "Where's the bathroom"? K reply "Go straight then turn right around. (K has three floors in the house) Chris goes upstairs to the bathroom. "Can we talk for a minute"? Kate asked Jane. Jane replied by saying "Sure". Kate took her to the basement and they talk down there. "So long have you two been together"? said Kate. "About two weeks", said Jane, besides Chris just came here. Kate said "I'll be back, I'm going to get us some food". Jane asked "Can I come? But Kate said "no I'll be right back". Kate left and lock the door so Jane can't get out. Four hours later, " Where the hell is Kate" Jane said aloud. Jane got so tired of waiting for Kate she walk up the stairs and turn the brown knob but it was lock. "I'm lock in" J said aloud. Jane freaked out HELP HELP, ANYONE THERE. No one answered Jane started to cry. One hour later Jane realize she still had her phone so she called Chris. Chris came back from the restroom and asked Lane "Where's my girlfriend?" but Lane had no idea where she was then Kate started laughing. "Where's my girlfriend Kate"? Chris yelled. Kate didn't tell Chris so Chris called the police and the police kicked everyone out the house and search for Jane. They look everywhere even call her name but no one answered and didn't see her. Chris had saw that Kate had a basement in the house so Chris told them to check in the basement but they tried the brown knob and it was lock. "WHERE'S THE KEY" the police screamed. Kate gave the police the key while crying. The police found Jane. Jane told them what happen and said that Kate kidnapped her. "is that true ms." Kate said "no" but the police didn't believe her and took her to jail. Chris took Jane home and kissed her goodnight. Chris was tired his sleep so he went to sleep right by Jane and hold her till the next day.

Chapter 5- Last day of school

Chris and Jane decided to skip school besides it was the last day of school for us to graduate and Jane totally wanted to have sex with Chris but she was afraid to tell him so she took her shirt off real slow and Christopher helped her take the rest of her clothes off. He took off her bra, skirt, and panties off and put them on the floor. Christopher pick Jane up and put her down like an airplane landing to reach its destination then kiss her from the neck down really slow till she end up moaning then he put his dick in her the furthest he could go and moved it really fast in and out.  When they were done they felt back to sleep, but Jane couldn't sleep, she felt worried that Chris was going to leave her.

Chapter 6

Six months later. Jane got pregnant and cried she didn't know what to do, till Christopher said "You can move in with me" and she did. Christopher was there for her no matter what, he would rub her feet, rub her stomach, make sure the baby is still alive and said "I will never leave you", Jane hated being pregnant but she knew that she knew that she was going to have a baby.

Chapter 7

Nine months later, Jane is in the hospital bed, waiting to delived the baby. She push three times and it came out but the doctor said "There's more than one in there, theirs 3", Christopher and Jane both smiled and Jane cried with happiness.

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