Dr.Floods Unseen Plum Stone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Phoenix Poetry

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



E’ries! E’ries!

Art; You breathing soul

I shall wear my musician wig,

Poet mask and act- painting myself

For that is the key

To my childhood home

And that is where I live-

Believe! Believe!

Glazed cats eyes bulge 

Strangled by flesh upon their back;

I am alone

And greeted by spits of Navy scotch,

Hatching eggs, which scream mason from the clouds;

My garden is overgrown,

Yet my crest is mowed by stress

And fertile through sweat;

Skeletons hold withering lung balloons

And those with eyes of void

See me as rich,

Through my step and the steps of my house;

Yet I am starved

And empty at my desk;

Sepia smudges my gravestone

Vast- scarce with beating colour

And abundant with clogged marble

Until- I hear a knock on the door;

She’s here!


O’ how the breadth of the ship

Pecks the blockage no more,

For the wall is broken

And the land is free;

I must open the door!

On my endeavour to the surprise,

In the mirror, I see

- I am blessed!

Blessed with the ridges of the damned

And the planks of the astral

Luminescent with the crescent moon;

I approach two stale splinters

O’ Imagination! O’ Imagination!

How I’m met with a beating plum

Breathing warmth upon me;

Truly! Truly this is divine!

As a woman,

Whom I’ve kissed under a thousand moons

And made love to in the duvets of dawn

Is standing there, staring into me


I must touch her…

For my heart is number at her (cool) sight

Love must be pumped!

Mists of stone clog the sky

And light blackness

Shadows the brood azure;

I can’t resist

For there is nothing more;

I touch—————————

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