Disastrous Love Speaks

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Hard getting back in the dating scene when,....

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



I just don't want to be seen anymore
Run so fast and shut that door
I want to hide
Let the world think I died
I want to live in silence
They're too much for my presence
Please don't look at me
You'll be confused with what you see
Beauty on the outside
Confining the demon inside
A smile so bright
You've made me your target in sight
You were close to me
Your shot was nearly deadly
But I ducked out of your love
Because it was just too much
and when you miss
You'll want to find my kiss
I'll deny you
You'll yell "BITCH! You said you wanted me, too"
I've ruined love for you
or that's what you think
You said "You'll have no idea what I'll do"
That's what put you on the brink
I just want any of this anymore
You see why I'm scared to open that door?
I'm warning you as a favor...
You'll fall in love with a disaster.

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