Ninni The Untold Story (Part 1)

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Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



A long long time ago…. (well actually 1 year ago). In a place far far away….. There was a dragon!

In a cave deep deep in the woods, there was a growl and then a stomp. “Phew, that was just a dream, I didn’t really get destroyed by a Jedi and start the apocalypse.” It looked around, reassured that it was just in its comfy cave. It got out of bed and dragged itself to the cave entrance. The birds were singing, the frogs were croaking, etc. Soon an end came to this ideal harmony as the stomach of the dragon rumbled. “Shit” it thought “I forgot to prepare for my (2 month) summer sleep, looks like I have to go hunting”. It was 40°C outside and abnormally dry, but after years of living without love or warmth of another living creature, the dragon’s heart was so cold and dark that external warmth couldn’t be felt by it. Long ago its heart had beaten. Yes, it had beaten lively and full of joy, kept alive by someone, but that someone had gone, what happened to him no-one knows. Some say that it loved him so much that it had eaten it, others say that it had discovered that he had a relationship with someone else and that it had discovered them both and roasted them alive. Anyway, since the day he had disappeared, the dragon’s heart had slowed down until it finally stopped. The next winter, it was so cold that the heart froze. During the summer it thawed, but it still didn’t beat. Even though it was warmed up by the summer sun, the inside remained cold and the heart started to rotten and eventually it vanished and formed a black hole, sucking every kind of warmth that came near into darkness.

“Grr, stupid stomach now that you’ve made that noise the other animals know that I’ve awaken once again.” Creeping around as silently as it could it came near a bike trail. Instinctively, it jumped into a bush and waited for her first victim to arrive. She was lucky, she’d have a full breakfast this morning. A father and his son approached on their bikes. When the time was right she jumped out of the bushes and slit their throats. Before roasting and preparing them, she got all the technological, electronical stuff out their pockets. Ugh, she hated those things, they can destroy the flavor of everything. Right before destroying the father’s cell phone, she looked at the date. “Ooh, it’s the 1st of September today, I’d better get ready for work then!”And so she did, after roasting and eating her first victims of the day, she returned to her cave. Before dressing up she inspected her wings. “Ah I see that the moths have learned their lessons this year, there aren’t any holes in my wing, excellent!”. While dressing up she did her best to hide her wings. She wanted to wear her favorite shirt (one on which “Scotch” was written on) but this one was way too tight and so the wings were quite visible. So she decided to wear a poncho. She opened the chest and searched through her ponchos. To a normal person all these ponchos would have looked the same, but to the dragon each one of them had a different connotation. Finally she found the one she wanted to wear. It was her very first poncho and she remembered the first day that she had worn it. She was 16 and loved drinking, dancing and Marcel. Ah yes, Marcel P. with his lovely mustache. That evening was going to be the evening where she’d ask him to dance and become the prom queen. But once she arrived at the prom, she remembered seeing this letter of Marcel in which he described his sentiments for Madeleine (how she triggered long lost memory by her scent and by her tongue in his mouth). Furious and sad, she ran away from the prom and went to a park near the prom. Crying on a bench, she cursed Madeleine and wished her dead. The devil heard her and appeared before her with a deal. The contract stated that the Ninni were to be able to kill and destroy Madeleine by becoming a dragon, but in return she had to give her soul to the devil and would only be able to feed herself with human flesh. Desperate at the time, she knew that the only way to get Marcel’s heart was by getting rid of Madeleine and so she accepted the deal and made a pact with the devil. After being transformed into a dragon she went and hid in a bush near the exit waiting for Madeleine to come out. Finally she came out and Ninni was lucky, Madeleine was all alone. Ninni slowly crept behind her and once they were far enough away from the prom she attacked. She’d never forget the first taste, she completely understood what Marcel meant about memories flashing past when you got her in your mouth. Indeed, the first bite made her think of all those wonderful things he did in her youth. After finishing her very first dragon meal, she returned back home. The next morning she remembered awaking with a grin from ear to ear. The newspapers were filled with what had happened. ‘Madeleine was devoured by a monster, reason unknown’ to give a short summary what the newspapers said. The very same morning, Marcel came knocking on the door. As Ninni was his closest friend, he wanted to talk to her and that’s how their relationship started. 

Ninni knew that since she was a dragon her day to day life would change and that it’d be almost impossible for her to adapt in a non-obvious-that-she-was-different way in the busy society in which she lived, so she proposed to Marcel to go live in a little cabin deep in the woods where no one would be able to disturb them. Marcel agreed saying that it’d be good to change environment for a few months to forget the horrible history with Madeleine. And so they moved deep into the dark and wild forest near their homes.

Two months after they had settled, on a certain evening, Ninni was dusting off the cabin when she heard a scream. Marcel had gone out to chop wood. Ninni rushed outside, fearing the worst. And what she saw petrified her. A two meter high, 4 meter long giant wolf was standing right in front of Marcel. She had no time to lose. Without hesitating she transformed into the dragon she was, revealing who she truly was to Marcel. The wolf turned to Ninni and as he locked her, its eyes glowed white and the voice of Goodness spoke, a voice of a thousand angels. “You demon, I have come here to destroy you and make you pay for what you’ve done. You have taken an innocent life, it’s time to take your impure soul.”  “NEVER!!!” She screamed as she spat fire in the sky. The sky became filled with clouds only a through a circle above the battle ground one could see that the sky had turned red as if a fire was breeding high in the sky. Suddenly an earthquake tore the battle ground in two and satan appeared. “This battle shall not take place. I hereby cancel the deal giving Ninni back her soul.” “Fine.” the wolf answered” Ninni shall receive three centuries to purify her soul.” After a bolt of lightning everything returned to normal. Marcel was petrified. He was still glued to the cabin wall and looked terrified at Ninni. Once he had understood what happened his fear made place for anger. He looked at Ninni, who was still recuperating from the effort and began yelling at her. “You murderer” he began “You liar! You’ve killed Madeleine haven’t you? And then you lured me here for God knows what reasons! YOU MONSTER!” Ninni couldn’t bear it anymore, all those insults, it just hurt her more and more, she had enough. She spat fire in Marcel’s direction and roasted him, once à point she ate him.

It was only the following day that Ninni realized what she had done. She lost it. With sadness and anger she burned down everything that she and Marcel had ever built together. Once she was finished she ran, ran as fast as she could deeper and deeper in the woods. She fell into a deep hole, luckily she knew how to use her wings and fell gently on the ground. Ninni was tired, too tired to get up. She fell asleep and awoke 9 decades later (2012).  GRUMMBBBLLL, she was hungry and angry. The process had started; her heart had become a black hole, she wouldn’t be able to feel love anymore, only hate was able to satisfy her. She got up and explored the hole that she had fallen in. It seemed she had fallen into a cave. While she searched for the exit, she saw how comfortable it’d be for here to live in it. GRUMBBBLLEE she was getting hungrier by the minute and she couldn’t help herself how she’d install cages everywhere inside the cave in which she’d keep humans. She finally found the exit and not so far away was a cycling trial. She remarked that there weren’t any full-grown bushes yet in which she could hide so she walked along the trail awaiting her first victim. After a few minutes she saw two children approaching. She waited till they passed by and then she turned around, crept up behind them and penetrated their hearts with her claws. After eating one she decided to keep the other for later.  She returned whistling with the dead child on her shoulder to the cave.  Arriving at the cave, she noticed that the flesh of the child on her shoulder had already to rotten. Aware that she had to store food for the winter, she thought of a solution. She couldn’t possibly keep dead meat somewhere in her cave, it’d rotten too fast. After some hard thinking she finally found a solution to her problem; she’d keep the meat alive until she’d eat it and in the meantime she’d keep them in cages deep in her cave, where no one would ever be able to hear their lonely and desperate screams and cries for help muahahahahahaha.  She ate the second body since it was decomposing anyway and she needed energy for making cages. She sought a place where iron ore was situated, then she started digging it all up. Once she had enough iron ore, she sought a place where she could melt it all. The cave had a big hole in it, she was planning on making a huge hot tub out of it, but decided she’d do that later. Once the iron ore was melted, she added carbon from it (she had burned a lot of trees to get the ashes) , she let it cool down a tiny bit and started bending, splitting and adjusting it until she had about twenty cages. Great. Now she just needed the meat to put in the cages and she was ready for the winter. It was starting to get colder and colder and Ninni was still wearing the poncho in which she had killed Madeleine. She tidied her cave and headed out. It was an early in the morning, it was cold as Ninni headed out to the city. She had done her best to hide the fact that she was a dragon. She was wearing a t-shirt on which was the Scotch and Fitch written over it. She walked along the biking trial, awaiting to encounter potential breakfasts. She needed money too, so she was hoping to encounter a wealthy breakfast. She was in luck. A parent in a long black coat was bringing his child to school. She pushed them off their bikes, ignited the child and slit the father’s throat as the child was screaming. She searched the father’s pockets after putting the burnt child onto a tree branch and eating it like a lollipop. She found 100 euros. That would be sufficient for buying 5 different ponchos. After finishing breakfast, she continued to the city.  She found a shop and bought five ponchos. Getting out of the shop, she saw a herd of toddlers being led by a grown person pass by. “Wow, what a lovely way to gather fresh meat.”. She followed the herd until they passed through a gate on which was written ‘kindergarten’, written next to it was ‘Teacher wanted’.  She was in luck, she used to be a writer. Actually, she had written lots of children’s stories from 1870 until 1914. She passed through the gate and headed to the principal’s office. She directly got the job and the principal started showing her around. She was amazed by how all those little fresh packages of meat were lined up and directed to a room, just like army platoons are directed to combat. The principal showed her her classroom and students, fresh living meat packages not much older than 4. Ah, yes those little packages of meat were just like wine: you had to wait a couple of years for the wine to ripe, but the wine may not be too old elsewise it’d become bitter. She wanted to take all those packages of meat back to her cave, alive preferably, but she knew that she couldn’t bring them back today. She thought of a plan. A brilliant plan came across her mind. First she’d start kidnapping meat packages from other classes until she could make an excursion out into the woods with the other classes. Yes, it was a simple, but brilliant plan.  She started executing her plan: socializing with the other teachers over day and kidnapping one meat package every evening.  In the meantime she was teaching her students how to make collages and forcing them to learn the recipe of ‘coq au vin’. On a late October morning, she finally convinced the other teachers to gather their classes and go for a walk in the forest. During the trip, she was going from the front of the herd to the back, just like a dog did with a herd of cattle. Once they were deep enough in the forest, she got rid of the other teachers. And led the meat packages into her cave. She divided them into twenty groups and put them right under the cages. Once they were all in place, she let the cages dropped and all her meat packages were captured alive. The meat packages howled, cried, panicked and Ninni was laughing.  She had enough meat for the winter, the only thing she had to do now was to keep them alive until she’d eat them. She stayed in the forest until the summer of 2013. She had to get food for the following winter. She returned to the city. This year she wanted to have older, larger meat packages. She searched a secondary school that needed a teacher. She was in luck, she found one not too far away from the forest. She knew that this time she’d need more time to kidnap the meat packages as they weren’t so naïve and wouldn’t trust her easily. She applied for the job and started in September. 

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