In Paradise

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Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



I am trying too hard.

I shall relinquish paradise and rejoice in the reality of the world. Too many times I have repeated phrases in hope for the iron under the crust of the Earth to vaporise and form into clouds - not to fall upon me with all weight, but to be light enough to hold my feet in a staircase to the Sun. My brain has shrunk - lost with the weight of iron - and I walk in a forgettable manner, I am stained with the stickiness of a punctured heart - all excursions are hereditary! How playing was fun, yet that was on stage and this play is now boring. As lonely as buds in a storm, all is known yet nothing is touched at the age of sixteen. We are not afar. My thoughts are fire but it seems I’m only scarred by the smallest flame. Let me grab the water pail. 

I’ll see you soon - with the title

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