What do you think of me?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Phoenix Poetry

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016




What do you think of me? 
Is the smile of parents force
Smutted with dry waterfalls of impatient grace
Too much for you to bare? 
Or is it these eyes of fresh ink
Which seep through your paper brows
That make you frown and giggle? 
Or do these loose copper wires of Autumn hay, 
Crowned with a ring of blood, in seasonal tightness
Which shiver you restless? 
Tell me! What do you think of me? 

How about this speech? 
Grown in grumbling pitches of monotone
In a vortex of a cow's eye pin
Tied in bows of wet-tipped cotton buds
Which make me a shadow in your cave? 
Or these split clouds of starving wind
Galvanizing masqueraded shifts
Of echoes seeping through meteors, planets, galaxies
Or the raped pray clogged by ignorance
That wouldn't, or can't, slither with deceit 
Speak! Speak! 
Tell me! What do you think of me? 

Punctured holes in meditating chasms
(Where berries blossom and daises twirl) 
Quiver and return to their state
After rising fits of epileptic fear- 
But there is no more silence -
Is this the geological make-up you despise? 
Internal and seeping, 
Such souls vaporise into solid osmium balloons
I was born with muscles to drag them! 
Tell me! What do you think of me? 
With swarms of thumping heat
I am drenched in torrential rain

Acute and sharp in un-manned troops, 
In my sight, my flesh is glistening fractures
Let me scar myself! 
And bleed with the first of 7 years! 

Now, shattered mirror on the floor...
What do you think of me? 




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