Sparrow's Last Day

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Story of a ruthless soldier who chose to serve his country over the lives of his family

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



"Commander you don't have to go this far in showing your loyalty to our country. I know you want to win this war but it doesn't have to be this difficult. Your whole family?" "Yes lieutenant every single one of them except my son".

The 'Blood war' has been going on for months and series of lives has been lost. The COPA territory has been threatened for years by the Black Star terrorist group who claimed to be fighting for freedom of their own people. Their people are unknown and rumours have been going around that the leader of the group is a citizen of COPA

Commander Sparrow a very hefty and ruthless man who has spent most of his life being the commander of the COPA soldiers. He led the protest of freedom from their master who was feeding off their natural resources(gold, diamond). After their freedom the people of COPA decided to make him the commander of the army. Commander Sparrow had earlier sent spies to the terrorist base and they came back with a report that the leader of is a member of his family. He could tell from the intel because he has been seeing strange this in his house and he know he is the only sparrow around. "I want you to kill all of them because they have betrayed their country, their people and I don't want to be surrounded by those filthy traitors". Sparrow said. Lieutenant Dennis sighed and asked "and your son?.

"Secure a safe place for him before the execution". Sparrow replied.

Dennis left the commanders office to execute his mission but he wasn't in support of commander idea but he has no choice it an order.

The final infiltration plan of the black star base was to be executed immediately after his family has been eradicated. Not long commander Sparrow received a transmission that his family has been executed and his son is being taken to a safe place. "Good lieutenant, let the war begin. He said.

Gunshot everywhere and bodies falling on the ground as the COPA army is moving towards the black star base. The terrorist are also well equipped with all kinds of weapon to tackle an army. The soldiers seems to be winning the terrorist as they further infiltrating the base. Sparrow sighting the tent of their commander finds a way for himself to kill the commander if by accident he wasn't murdered when he sent Dennis on mission.

The rebels sighting him started shooting but due to his experience in war he killed them without breaking a sweat. He majestically marched into the tent and said "gameover chumps".

To his suprise he saw his son standing with a gun pointed at his head by one of the rebels. "Sparrow drop your weapon or your boy dies". Without hesitation he dropped his gun and moved back. "How did you capture my son?" Sparrow asked with a fierce voice.

The terrorist a very ugly man with grey beards laughed and said. "Firstly I ain't old Sparrow I tinted my beards and your lieutenant is dead". He laughed. "So now Sparrow tell all your units to stand down or boy dies". Sparrows ego and anger won't let him do as commanded but he did so. The terrorist then the opportunity to gun all his men down. One of the rebels came to report to the tent saying "commander we won". On saying this sparrows son shot his father knees till he fell to the ground.

Yes father, I am the commander of the black star, I am the traitor, your sworn enemy. This wasn't my initial plan but you murdered your own family just to prove your loyalty to your country, just to claim a so called victory. Damn you father, damn you. Commander sparrow groaning has he was crawling till he was able to get ahold of his gun and he shot his son on the head. As his son body fell to the ground "you betrayed your country you bastard he said. The rebels shot him to death and his head was cut off and was hung on a pike in middle of COPA territory where everyone can see it as they took over they country.

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