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Following your dreams will help you be more happy in life

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



Approach your brainchild it will help you be happier in life.  My dream is to become an author and I am trying my best to have peopled read my stories, poems, and free writes, I am not afraid of posting things. Following brainchild are really important to us. Many people did not get to follow their dreams so I am writing this to tell people to  follow your dreams yes your dreams will change just like careers and relationships. Honestly my dream is  to write but also to give people advice, if any of you guys and girls need advice let me know. I really want to help me. When I think of brainchild I think of sleeping and clammiest and being happy. When you are sleeping you dream. Dreams could be advantageous like saving the world in your batman costume in New York. But not all dreams are good. There are bad dreams like running away from the killer and you fall and hurt your knees on the rock because it was dark in themovie you are in and can't get out of it. Dreams can also make you smile like your crush you like at school, the guy or female has short blonde hair with skinny legs and is really nice but save you from a thunder storm and lighting almost hit you but the male or female saved you from it. When we have nightmares, they tend to scare us and that's why we wake up frightened and bawling . Dreams can make you bawl when you accumulate up in the morning because of the dream you had  like someone gets hit by a car that you love and you try saving them but couldn't. Nightmares could bealarming like someone killed your parents and trying to kill you.

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