Ivy park

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short story about one and a half pieces of teenage romance



our relationship was far from perfect.

hands bonded together, eyes fixed on each other, but we don’t smile——maybe out of boredom, or, possibly out of guilt.


he was my first ever boyfriend, first hug, first kiss, and first love. we met when we were both young in middle school and i felt like it was a miracle b/c i fell for him at first sight. but he didn’t. he liked another girl who was older and prettier——i was nothing comparing to her.

we started loving a year later when she found a boyfriend, of course, he had to give up. i gave him all my heart but all i got was heartaches. bad luck. bad love.


2014-05-20: our first kiss. and i thought this would be the end of his nonchalance.


soon after that i figured that the thought was ridiculous—— he posted a love letter online for another girl. remember that night how much words i typed and how many calls i made.

no answer.

it’s hard to trust guys.


in the next couple months, we got back and broke up, and got back, and broke up. it seemed like if heartbreaks were the norm and happiness was too rare——and sadly, i got use to it.

starting from grade 8, i came to Canada and i was finally far enough to escape from his grip. it was a great relief but after all, he hurt me too much too deep to make me feel love again. ironically, i started replicating him doing what he did to me.

the cycle forever turns.


what are we now?

i made him hold me by my left hand b/c i don't want to hear the sound of his heartbeat coming from the left side of him. and i bet he doesn't hear a thing b/c 1. my heart is a stone, and 2. he doesn't care, and 3. he has earphones on. laugh my ass off.

it’s time to find someone else.

well, it’s time to ruin someone else.



YZ confessed to me during the summer but i was too into flirting to actually think about having an actual boyfriend. all i wanted to do is play. and as a result, i lost him.

“do you think he’s a nice person?”

“yes, he’s the nicest.”

“have you ever thought of him as your possible future boyfriend?”

“no. never.”

i regret it now.

i never felt upset until the moment JX told me YZ was giving up on me. i told him it just feels like you had a pet and you gave him food and toys but he just freaking ditched you. he disagreed and said that i was abusing him emotionally. he said that i fed him with lies and dark fairy tales. he said i deserved it.

i begged JX to talk to YZ b/c i want him back i want him now. he said his answer was negative and it was necessary to give up or else he could possibly start hating me. haha.


“i know you like me.”


“i know it, JX, i know it.”


“i’m sorry.”


liar. YZ still likes me. you just don’t want me to be taken.


it’s hard to trust guys.



Submitted: October 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 LWZ. All rights reserved.

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Miss Midnight

Phew, such a sad tale of love having gone terribly wrong! I really like the lower case you've used, cause it matches her attitude of not caring, not giving and effort. You portrayed your characters emotional decline wonderfully, by starting with the starry-eyed girl in love and happy, ending with the destructive cold-hearted girl, with her distorted views on love.

Brilliant Piece!

Fri, October 14th, 2016 2:52pm

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