a questioning ache

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a poem written sometime around january 2016

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



I see you, I hear you, I feel you.




By Alex Montesino



I had never known a smile could be filled with electricity.

(You are like a storm that leaves a softer, more terrifying type of devastation)


I had never known that skin could be so warm. 

(So warm that it fills up every part of me and soon I am sweating)


I had never known a voice could be so alive. 

(Your voice has a body, has hands and fingers that set off butterflies inside my stomach.)


You are a spiderweb that has trapped me, 

(And God knows I am afraid of spiders)

But I don’t mind hanging here.


You are a constant question in my mind.


I had never known perfection like your face before

I had never known it even existed.

(What I knew was dull and lackluster and nothing like the way your hair curls at the ends.)


What I knew was weak and gentle and nothing like the way your voice moves when you sing.

What I knew was unkind and cold and nothing like the sound of pealing bells in your laugh.

Nothing like the way you leap and spin and squeeze. (Nothing)


I have known love and I have known joy but I have not known such a concoction of both that it makes every thought in my head drunk and heavy and clumsy. I have seen colors, I see them everywhere, and I have seen the sun, I wake up to it every morning, and I have seen the ocean and the way it hugs the shore and I have been in awe of the world 


(But the way you mesmerize me feels like a place I have never been to and never want to leave.)





© Copyright 2018 Alexandra Montesino. All rights reserved.

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