Behind the dreams

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Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



Do you ever lay in bed and wondered what your life would be like if events had occurred differently? As a 6 year old, I always wanted to help my mom; she was always exhausted from her midnight shifts. “Why does mama have to suffer like this, why can't I help her”, I asked myself as I fell asleep.

Some nights as I fall asleep, I submerge myself into a different world. My perfect world, where papa never left and mama is smiling all the time.

Today we are going on vacation. Papa promised to teach me how to swim, so I'm really looking forward to it. My classmate Jimmy once said swimming is awesome! Papa said I would be as fast as a fish by the time he was done with me. "Honey, everything is ready, we should get going", mama said as he walked up to her and kissed her. "Let's go champ," Papa said.

I especially liked going on vacation for the road trip, it was our special family bonding time. Papa wasn't very fond of singing but mama had her ways of getting him to sing. Mamas’ singing was beautiful; as I looked outside the window I fell asleep. "Wake up champ, we are here," Papa said. He was very excited to be here. We decided to go on this trip because when he was my age grandpa brought him here. Papa really enjoyed that trip and that was when he learned how to swim. Now it was my turn to have fun and learn.

We arrived early, I really wanted to go to the beach but papa and mama wanted to go eat first and sleep in for the day. The food was delicious, I could not believe my parents actually letting me order the special burger; this was appearing to be the best vacation ever! We made our way to the hotel room and it was totally awesome, the bathtub was huge. Papa said it was a special tub that massaged the body. It was so big I could swim in it.

On our second day we finally went to the beach, I can't believe the beach is actually part of the huge ocean. I wonder if I could ever explore it whole. Papa said he couldn't teach me how to swim here; it would be too hard due to the waves. We decided to go to the pool for the rest of the day. Mama is always very cautious and thoughtful. Beforehand she bought me goggles. It was so cool to see under water, it made it so much easier for me to float plus I'm sure with this I'll be able to explore the ocean. By the end of the day I was already getting the hand of it. Swimming is awesome.

The third day came around but we had to cut the trip short because papa got a call from work, this was going to be our last day. Mama apologized to me for the short vacation. I nodded my head and said, "Don't worry mama, let's make the most of our today." All I wanted to do was swim, swim and swim. Yet our third day was over.

We were getting ready to leave, papa and mama showered first, now it was my turn. "Be careful" Papa said. I started filling the tub, mama finally let me do it on my own and once it reached an okay level I jumped in, ready to swim my life away. “Look at me papa! I'm about to win the race”, I yelled. However, before winning I felt my legs and arms cramping. I started to get scared. I managed to put my head out of water for a few seconds to scream for help but mama was very tired from her very long day, she didn't want to get up. With a yell rising from her throat she asked, “What’s wrong?” I thought to myself why was mama being mean, she is always very cautious and caring. Doesn't she see I'm in danger? Water slowly started entering mama’s room, which made her finally get up to check. I floated in the tub. I'm sorry mama it seems like papa didn’t teach me how to swim after all.

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