Lapy:An All Hallows Eve Tale

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This is just a thing for my friend, blader84.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



It was the night before All Hallows Eve, and Lapy the Lapras pony was very excited. It was the only night the ponies in town would ever allow her in, as they always thought she was just an amazing costume. She was not liked by the ponies after a incident involving a giant Lapras pony and several crushed buildings. Though she had no friends, she never strayed from her happy self. Even better, her creators Birthday was today! Though she didn't think that the giant pet spider was such a good idea... Considering he ran screaming away from it after it tried to eat him...though it WAS pretty fun watching him running around screaming like a maniac..being chased by a giant spider....Y'know...because thats normal. Moving on from that, she decided to put on her witch costume....though it did look suspicously familiar to a character from some video game..Oh well! Hopefully no copyright infringement!...Hopefully!...Probably!...Eh, lets just skip to tommorow. Lapy doesn't do a thing all day to be completely honest. Other than..sit under the an ice lake.. MAN I need a hobby other than writing books ab-this comment has been redacted-







The next day she jumped up for joy, getting ready for the night to come, filled with trick or treating, and just plain having fun! It seemed like everything would go great! Though the night had other plans for our young Lapy.... She was going around, catching the occasional compliment from a pony saying 'Wow! Great costume!' or something or other. Though, soon it all took a turn for the worse, as ponies surrounded her..spitting, insulting...attacking... She ran, and ran to her home, crying as she sank under the icy water...She was heartbroken, even her one thing she looked forward to, and it was all ruined......the night passes slowly for her, as she slowly..slowly nods off to sleep.....





She awoke to a loud was an awful, loud sound....[Huh? What...did they find me?] she thought, fear clinging to her like a burr stuck on your shirt. She looked, though she found someone else instead..a strange, white and green pegasus, with a red bandana, and a wrench, which was hitting a pile of metal...over and over again. Another stood nearby, looking sick of whatever this other pony was doing, he was yellow and slightly red, with giant tufts of fur coming from his ears. They didn't appear to know she was there, until the green one saw her, she ducked underwater, hoping he would not hurt her..instead,however...the pony sounded worried. 'Hello?'he said,'Hey! C'mooon... i just wanna talk!'.

[Talk? But...don't all ponies hate me?]She thought, her curiosity eventually getting the best of her, she flopped out of the water...but went too far, falling flat on her stomach on top of this green pegasus. Though, it felt right somehow. Almost as if it had been done time and time again by another like her. The pony looked dazed, the other just looked over, wondering why his boss had to be attracted to the weird ones...Soon the two introduced themselves as Skye and Fen...well..after Lapy had rolled off Skye, that is. They talked for a while, asking questions, Lapy took Skyes bandana and ran off with it, they ran and ran until they eventually just were out of breath, and flopped down. Skye offered to take her back to their camp..she agreed, she loved the thought of ponies who would like her around all the time! Except for fen..but...fen didn't like anybody.


Every day since then has been a blast for her, until eventually All Hallows Eve popped up once more...though this time, she would finally have someone to go with her and keep ponies from hurting her..She smiled, getting her witch costume that she had made the previous day, as skye dressed up as a mummy...the newly coupled Fen and Furlix were going as a knight and princess...couples, am I right? The four continued off into the night filled with candy, spooks, and fun. Heck, they even met a ghost too!...then lapy thought. It wasn't her usual random thoughts felt serious...what if her creator had never met Skyes creator? She continued the thought, until eventually she was snapped out of it by skye, who had waved some fish candies in her face...she LOVED fish candies more than anything. They continued through the night, as more characters appeared..they greeted, though none of them knew how they got there, as they were all from different dimensions...Light, Zech, Delila, other Lapys and Skyes, Horizon, you name it! She enjoyed it! Eventually they put a banner up....and this is what it read.






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