The Boy on Maple Drive

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Young Tommy is always left alone, so he took comfort at watching his neighbor. But when he sees that she isn't the angel he believed, he decides that he no longer has a need for her.

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



The Boy on Maple Drive


Young Tommy was always left at home unattended. Both of his parents spent their time enjoying the town rather than enjoying time with their son. Tommy had just entered second grade and while all the other kids got to go home and tell their parents all about their day as big second graders, young Tommy was welcomed to an empty house and seclusion in his room. He would spend his time doing homework at his desk by his bay window and stare at the neighbors across the street. A happy looking family by his analysis. A husband and wife in their mid thirties or so, always wearing formal clothing as though they were lawyers or something of the sort, and a teenage daughter who as far as Tommy could tell was a genuine angel.

The daughters bedroom was on the top floor parallel to Tommy's. She did her homework at a desk by her window as well, and every now and then they would look at each other and smile. She seemed very nice and Tommy wanted nothing more than to be in her bedroom studying with her instead of by himself. In fact, Tommy just wished he wasn't by himself period.

Tommy was just finishing his addition homework when he looked up and saw that a teenage boy walk into her room, greeted by a kiss from the daughter. The teenager had black grungy hair and all black clothing with a chain hanging off his pants. A real weirdo in Tommy's opinion. Tommy watched as they began to make out. It began to stir emotions in Tommy that he didn't know were there before. His body felt hot, his head pulsating violently and his vision began to blur. From what Tommy could tell, he was feeling anger and jealousy. He looked at the neighbors driveway and saw that it was empty. Her parents must have left while he was distracted by their daughter. He returned his attention and saw that his neighbor was pulling her shirt off. Tommy felt the anger and jealousy grow even hotter. How could an angel allow a disgusting creature like him touch her, let alone see her bare breasts?

Tommy stormed out of his room and down the staircase leading to the main living area. He headed for the kitchen and rummaged through the knife drawer. He witnessed the kinds of acts his neighbor was allowing herself to get into with the kinds of people his parents would bring home. He would often find whole groups of naked people fornicating on every thing they could. Tommy was not going to stand for an angel to take part in such evil. He grabbed the biggest and sharpest knife he could find and stepped outside. He peered over the hedges to see his neighbors window and saw them, rubbing their naked bodies against each other. Tommy felt the anger and jealousy boiling so hot he felt as though he might spontaneously com-bust.

He tiptoed through their front door and looked around. The house was neat and well kept up with, as though a team of maids would work almost 24/7 keeping it cleaner than the water a pastor baptized children in. He crept up their staircase and towards his neighbors bedroom. He heard moaning and quiet screams as he grew closer to her bedroom door. It was open a crack and he peered though it, he saw his neighbor on top of the boy, slamming her hips against his pelvis. Tommy felt a wave of sadness over come him. He was too late, his angel was too tainted to be saved. She was the only person he found comfort in, even if they had never spoken a single word to one another.

Tommy wiped a few tears from his eyes and gripped the handle of the kitchen knife so tight his little knuckles were turning white. He could no longer contain his anger. The teenager was now on top of his neighbor, thrusting himself into her. Tommy took this as his chance and silently slipped inside. He crept up behind the teenager and plunged the knife into his back. The teenager wailed in pain and Tommy pulled the knife out, plunging it into him again and again. His neighbor began to scream in terror at the sight of her sinful lover, being stabbed to death. Tommy decided to make sure his prey was dead and jabbed the knife into his eye socket. The teenager stopped making noise and just lay there, convulsing and bleeding.

His neighbor threw herself towards the door, but Tommy was too quick. He slashed the tendon on her right ankle and she cried out and fell. She tried to crawl but Tommy moved in front of her. She rolled over onto her back and shielded her face as Tommy plunged the knife between her breasts. Blood spewed all over like a fountain someone kept placing their hands over. He stabbed her over and over until he was long since stabbing a corpse. He stopped and stared down at her lifeless face, at the face of the person he believed to have been an angel sent from heaven to look after him.

Footsteps soon approached the room and a policeman entered with his gun raised and terror erupted from his face. He looked between the bodies of the teenager and the neighbor and then his eyes set on Tommy. Tommy stared back at him with dark lightless eyes, the knife still in his firm grasp. The Policeman just stared at Tommy in horror and finally, after a few long moments, spoke to Tommy.

Why?” he asked shakily.

Because she was my angel” Tommy replied in a dark monotone voice.

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