4 idiots…celebrate friendship!! (1)

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This short story is how about 4 strangers from different walks of life met and became best friends, spend some cherish-able moments with each other, got busy in their lives, got away, may be to meet again.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



Hmmm…..It is about to be midnight in India! It was a hectic day today; i am feeling tired and trying to catch up some sleep.

The phone rang and It took me only 2 seconds to pick an ISD call flashing RV on my mobile screen, after all it was his third call in last 7 days, i knew that on the other side of phone, am going to receive a Bouquet of Indian Hindi abuses filled in friendly love…’Oye saale kaha mar gaya hai tu...itne din ho gaye phone karte huye.. ‘ were his the only love lines which i can write here, all others were uttered with so much of friendly affection that this screen cannot accommodate those lovely sentences here.

He slowed down little after 60 seconds and asked 'Aur Bata Bhai' and we discussed 'yaari dosti' stuff, i could feel from his voice that the Winters have started in Canada.

The one thing which he never forgets to ask ‘Heroine kaisi hai’ referring to one of the idiots in this story.

Midway the call, he kept me on hold and told one of his Customer’s "Jeda wala sofa te tuwanu thik lag jaann ga ji (you will get this sofa in best available prices, Sir!)". Yup, He is working with a Furniture house there as Store Manager. Punjabi seems to be the local language there.

I often joke him that you have left Gurgaon only to live in Punjab!!

After few minutes of conversation, I hooked off the call. It was midnight by now. The Memories flashed back in front of my eyes, now feeling no signs of sleep!!
It was in May 2008, when i joined this Company as Branch Head in Gurgaon city. They were expanding like anything and my previous company was asking me to go to Ludhiyana on the same position and i was happily planning to go.

But something else was to be written, when one my friend in same company who was looking for a job change, went for an interview in this Company through some reference, I also went along with, just like that without even my CV.

A tall man with rustic touch, the interviewer came inside the waiting cabin and interviewed my friend. I was also sitting there and had a chance to speak with him, by the time this interview finished, Interviewer clearly told me that i could make your friend join only if I could also join in!

F.. for funny was the first word, i quipped once we were out of that office situated on 3rd floor in Sector-56. I was kosofying my friend for this weird choice, he was also like 'yaar karle na join'.
I decided to be in Gurgaon rather than going to Ludhiyana, The CTC was also higher, I joined in!!

After few days of my joining, this Gentleman called RV also joined in as Branch Head, There used to be 4-5 Branch head sitting in the same branch due to the Ruthless expansion going on. He was 10 years older to me, still we clicked. We became professional friends.  We used to have tea at chaiwala near our office, he was tall and charming, well built. He used to sing stories of his accomplishments in his previous company, outspoken, loud and oh my God, what an Attitude, he wanted him to be noticed. I did...Ha-ha!! 

Within 3 months, we were sharing our lunch box as it was a 2 story building with one canteen. We became friends, that time i wasn't aware that it was for a lifetime!! He was the 2nd Idiot of this story...of course i am the 1st!!

On a Breeze evening in October 2008, we were sitting in parking lot of sector-29, when i saw this lady on scooty removing her helmet off her head. She was trying to comb her hair with the help of her fingers. She was too a Diva, walking towards us. I was feeling awestruck!!

She came and they hugged each other. RV and JK were friends, old friends. I also wanted to be introduced but this C... for charming friend of mine RV was taking his own sweet time.

Anyways, we got introduced; I was like, Hi JK!! She grilled me with her eyes, the big one and gave a cold look saying Hello! But nothing else beyond that!

They ignored me and kept chatting for a while before she turned back and walked towards her scooty. I couldn't resist but to see her walking like a Man!! Too careless!!

She was gone before i could completely take my eyes off her!!

I asked RV....Kya baat hai bhai...Kaun hai ye Balika!! Attitude he showed! Before he said, we are good friends!! Good was pressed a bit more purposely. This was my first intro to this 3rd Idiot JK!! She is the Heroine of this story.

After a month or so, during a new joiner introduction, my boss came to me only to introduce JK to me. I was like oh...here she is!! We handshake first time, I uttered, Hi JK, only to be stopped midway...' My name is not JK! I don't like strangers call me JK!! She completed the sentence in one go.

Yeah babe, what an attitude!! I murmured!!
Before i could start the conversation further, she moved to meet another colleague of mine. Alas!

She joined us as Branch Trainer!!
It was December 2008 late evening, When i was invited to a Party by RV.. ‘Piyega kya, I said, No i don’t…..He asked, Koi na aaja Coke pi liyo ( No problems, Come ! Have Coke)’. Let me clear the air before you anticipate further, I don’t drink but do accompany friends whom i know with My Glass of Apple Juice Or Coke with soda!! A sales guy may not drink but he cannot get away from the company for sure.

When i reached in parking lot of Sec-29, different one this time. 3 people were seemed busy in doing ‘Caarobaar’ ( Drinking in the Car),  a fav spot of Sales guys doing business talks….Hehe !!

What i found out there was funny, RV was also like me, a non-drinker, JK was sipping wine and the stranger to me, a clean shaven man with specs in his mid 30ties, was gulping a peg of 100 pipers!

RV introduced this Man to me, Jassi (My friends call me Jassi) meet Sam, they all 3 were old friends from their previous companies. He was already 2 pegs down and planning to have another one...He asked me ‘Bhai pita nahi hai to Sales me kiase?’ 

I told him, Sam it’s a misconception that you have to drink to succeed in sales, It's not true in my case!!  May be i am different!

This time JK replied, ‘Gyaan kaafi hai aapke paas’ and asked ‘Pe lo’, Drink! We are not going to tell this to anyone. I politely declined the offer once again, this time from the dusky beauty sitting in western attire!! JK and i were only hi n hello friends by then.

This was the first time JK opened up and we chatted and mingled, this did not go down well with Sam i guess, He was jealous, I could see that in his eyes. He asked RV to come aside, What i could hear from far that he was shouting on RV as to why did he call me here? May be He wasn’t ready to accept me in their fool's paradise...Ha-ha!! Or maybe he did not like the way JK was getting mingled with me. Poor Sam!!

By this time, Sam was 3 pegs down and he hugged me while we leaving..Chal Bhai..Milte Raheo !! be in touch what he said !!

He was throughout a performer and working as Area Manager in one of the renowned company, which i came to know later. He was handsome, smart, sharp and a darling!! His smile was killing. He is the 4th Idiots of this story!!

This is how we 4 Idiots met…….Jassi, RV, JK and Sam!!

One message on my mobile screen and i am back from memories ….One of Instant ITS vehicle is over speeding!! Uff …

It is early morning by now. It’s time to catch up some sleep!

(To be continued!! Part 2 will be followed next week or maybe next month or you never know!!)


Signing off…



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